Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Water Park

Mikes work had a BBQ a couple weeks ago. It was the first time I was meeting any of his coworkers and their family's.
They had this get together at a small water park.
The park had a nice pool for the little ones and a couple big loopy slides for the older crowds. 

 Everyone he works with seems to be very friendly. It is much different then being on a base though. Everyone lives so spread out so there might not be much time together out of work. 
The two other wives that I met seemed very nice but once again the live about 45min-hour away.
Hopefully they will find something wrong with their house and move closer to me :).
 We ate and enjoyed our self's.
Emma had a great time at the water park so we will have to make our way back here before winter.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fourth of July

I am soo soo very late putting this memory together.
Unpacking boxes is still consuming my life.

With just moving to this new area we weren't quite sure what there was to do for the forth. We are living in the city so we knew 'something' was happening but there wasn't much advertisement about it.

We asked one of our neighbors (after she came over with her kids to introduce themselves....on that note, both my neighbors are extremely friendly. Every home that we ever lived in (5) we have never talked so much as a hello, how are you. Here, it is the absolute total opposite. Both neighbors have knocked on our door with yummy sweets. One side is a older couple that is extremely sweet to Emma, the other side has 5 kids, one is close to Emma's age. Best of both worlds) were fireworks were happening. 

We live pretty close to a big river and there is a outdoor stage where there is live music every Friday.  Friday the 3rd was when they having a concert and then the firework show after.
 The live music was Landau Murphy Jr.
He was the winner of America's Got Talent sixth season.
 Everything reminds me of Hawaii :(
 We arrived to the festivities way to early!
Emma was a crazy girl the whole time.
 Finally starting to get dark out.
 It was so humid out so the smoke was stuck in the air. The fireworks were nice over the river though. They ended up setting them off in two different places so we had double the show.

On July 4th we drove a little ways away to a small town just outside the city to watch a parade.
It was definitely what I expected out of a small WV town.

 The parade was mostly cars and people waving while sitting on cars.
Everyone was throwing candy for the kids which Emma had a blast collecting.
 Overall we had a great relaxing 4th.
 I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on this beautiful day.

Monday, July 6, 2015

My Sweet Emma

There has been so many changes that this little girl has been put through in the past 2 months. Leaving Hawaii and moving with my parents in Ohio for over a month. Then picking up and moving to our new home in West Virginia. Also having to learn patients while mommy and daddy slowly put our house in somewhat a livable condition.  
It sure is hard to get anything done with this little monkey around. 
So as of now we are in the process of getting our-self back on somewhat of a schedule...only to be ruined in upcoming months due to another trip out of town. 

Emma is such at a amazing age (16 months). Her personality is huge and I cant get enough of it. She smiles and waves at every person that walks by. Its amazing how many people want to stop and talk to us. She lures them in and soaks up all of the attention. 

We have been learning so many new things. She loves to look at her books and point to pictures. She is learning names and  noises that animals make. I will say it and then she copies.  Ill tell her to get her shoes and she will bring them, say 'shoes' and sit down for me to put them on. There are so many words that she knows now that I cant even write them all down  

Emma is getting better at eating finally. I am learning that she is pretty picky with food though, which I assume that most kids are. All she wants to eat is the meat. No carbs, veggies or fruits...just meat. 
When eating yogurt, cottage cheese or anything that has to use a utensil, she likes to hold it herself. I am only allowed to hold the end part of the spoon.  

I am in the process of finding a new Dr. for her. I know absolutely no one here so I am depending on Yelp reviews. :(  
I am eager to find out her weight. She is still really tiny for her age but I can tell she has gained a good amount since the last time she was weighed. 

She brings me her diapers and wipes when it is time to change her, then throws the old one in the trash afterwards.

She likes to walk around the house on her tip toes. 
 During bed/nap time she has gotten in the habit of wanting to hold my hand in till she falls asleep. She has a death grip on me in till I feel her relax, then I try my best to slowly loosen the hold.
Also, we have move into a house that has no carpet. I have a big rug in Emma's but the squeaky hardwood floor has made sleepy time challenging for me. She is a light sleeper so I have to ninja out of her room.
 Being a newborn baby is such a sweet time but the age Emma is at now has been so much fun. I wake up each morning excited to see what she will do that day.