Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Baby Girl

First off.
 Before I even start into this little girls corky ways. 
I finally have internet freedom!
We have paid our two year contract off early to our satellite internet provider and we now have UNLIMITED INTERNET! 
OH MY! What am I going to do with myself. 
I can watch Youtube Videos! I can watch Amazon Prime and Netflix! Skype! Mike can play his silly video games online! We can download music! I can upload as many photos as I like! 
I feel so free!

Just a little back story. Skip if you don't want to hear. 
 When we moved to WV a year ago I set up Direct TV. I asked them if they bundle internet and they pointed me to the direction Hughesnet. A satellite provider (because Direct TV is satellite they go together?) Anyways, I have lived in 5 different states and never heard of a "cap' on internet. Well, our bill was $95 a month and we got 15MB a month. That lasted us about half the month. The rest of the month we had to use our phone data...and couldn't even use our computer.
It was so frustrating...monthly! 
 So we paid the $260 to get out of the contract that I had know idea what I was signing when I signed and we kicked the satellite to the curb! 
I live in a city! No right person would have satellite when they live in the city! I have definitely learned to ask questions and really look into what I am getting myself into. 
Hallelujah! Its over! 

Anyways, on to this little girl.
I feel like I haven't done a update on this little booger in awhile.
She is unbelievable!  
I fall in love with her more and more each day with the beautiful personality that she has. I really am not just saying that because I am her mom. She truly is so unbelievably sweet and I hope I can just keep her that way with how cruel the world is. 

When we read a book that is sad, or the caricature is hurt she hugs the page and says "ohh baby, and never forgets the kiss.

Her "thank you" is spot on. She surprises me with how much she says it each day.

Her hugs and kisses are come out of nowhere and it is the best. 

If you have a "owha" she is the first to kiss it. Even if it is a freckle and she thinks its a owha it is kissed. 

She asks "you OK?" at the perfect times.

Just a very sweet little girl. 
A couple more things that she has been doing lately.

Blue is her FAVORITE color! 
I swear we talked about the color blue 50 times a day. She points it out at home, in the car, restaurants, friends houses, at the playground. All over the place! She will only color with a blue crayon or marker. She only wants blue paint when she is painting. A few months ago I would have told you she was obsessed with purple because it was the only color she could say. is blue all the way! 

She has become so independent as of lately. 
I am not allowed to help buckle her into her car seat or high chair. Getting dressed and undressed. Putting on her shoes. Brushing her teeth. 
Guess she is a big girl now.

I have still been struggling with breakfast meals. She usually wakes up around 6:15- 6:30 and I have not been feeding her in till around 8. It may seem like a long time gap but I still struggle every single morning getting her to eat so I want her to be hungry. Lunch and dinner are good but for some reason. She is not a breakfast girl. And trust me, I have tried numerous numerous foods! 

She really is loving movies now. She can actually sit and understand a little of what is going on. Despicable Me, Monsters Inc., Ice Age, just to name a few.

Pasta is still #1 in her book. 

She likes to tell us she is pretty. And of course we agree and tell her a million times through the day. 

She is still in love with wearing anything Elsa. 

Her new thing has been taking showers instead of baths. We have a shower head that can be moved up and down along the wall. I put it at the lowest height and it is at a perfect. I am not complaining because showers are just so much faster. 

Potty training will hopefully be happening soon. She will tell me after the fact when she went to the bathroom. She will sit on the potty but has yet to go. I am hoping once I get over my cold I can really start and give it 100%.

As of now this is all I can remember to write. Emma has been a true blessing and I cant wait for her to be a big sister. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Baby Bump #2

I cant believe that this is only my 4th post about this little guy that is growing in my belly. I always thought when baby # 2 rolled around, that I would do everything I did for Emma... meaning all the updates. I would never go longer than 2 weeks without a bump picture of her pregnancy. So far, I think I have 2 picture for this guy! Two! That's it...and I am 30 weeks! I am so disappointed in myself that I haven't documented it as well. So from here on out, I am going to start taking weekly photos, even when I look like a hot MESS!.  Sorry in advance! 

These photos were taken back in the beginning of April. 

So Yes, I have just hit the 30 week mark. I'm not going to lie and sugar coat things. I am so over it. 
I wish I could say that I am loving being pregnant again and I hope it never ends...but that is definitely not the case. I feel bad that I feel this way though. I already love this little boy with all my heart but I am just ready to have my old self back. 
When I was measured at the doctors 3 weeks ago, I weighed more than I did when I gave birth to Emma. With Emma pregnancy, I was pretty uncomfortable the last 5 or so weeks in till birth. With this little guy, I have been uncomfortable for the past 4 months. I know each pregnancy is different and I shouldn't compare, but it is hard not to. 
Also, I feel like I have been sick with a cold the whole 7 months. I swear. I have a cold EVER.SINGLE.MONTH. I am not just talking a runny nose. I am talking full on fever, soar throat, runny nose, body aches, head congestion...I could go on and on. And it lasts a good week or so. I'm not quite sure why I keep getting sick. Could it be the toddler that I am running after that comes into contact with other kids that are sick and she gives it to me?...possible. I just feel like I can not catch a break. With Emma's pregnancy I was sick once. That was when I actually went into labor so that was no fun either because I didn't have my full strength to push. My luck I will be sick again during this labor also. 
On top of being sick monthly, and the enormous weight gain I have also endured the food poisoning in the very early stage of pregnancy and the stress of the loss of my fur baby that I am still dealing with. I know woman out there have it way way worse then my situation, and I am grateful that this is all that I have to complain about, but I guess you could say I am just tired....and my head is loopy from yet again being sick as I am writing this.  

So lets get down to this baby.
He is still growing nicely. Kicking like crazy. More so then I remember Emma's movement. My glucose test came back normal. I once again was a little anemic, so I am just taking an extra dose of iron. I had my first Rhogam shot today at my appointment. For myself having a negative blood type and Mike being a positive, I need to have shots so my body doesn't reject the baby. His heartbeat was 157. My belly is measuring right at 30 weeks. I have started to be on the every two week schedule for my appointments. 
My GroupB test is coming up soon. I have my fingers crossed that I will be negative this time around. With Emma I was positive and that was not really the plan that I had in mind. With a positive test (from what I remember) you have to get to the hospital before your water breaks so you can have a shot for the bacteria. I also had to stay in the hospital a little longer to make sure everything is OK. I would really like to labor a while at home before we go into the hospital, and having a toddler at home that I am already nervous about (who she is going to stay with while I am in labor) that I want to get home as soon as possible to. So fingers crossed that I am negative this time around.  Things always work out and I really need to just shut up and let everything happen the way it will.

So that's about it as of now..or all I can remember with my congested head at the moment. I swear though, I am going to be so much better these last few weeks with my bump updates. 
His room tour is coming, along with Emma's...just because.  I am also having my pregnancy photo shoot soon and also my "just for fun" sonogram photos. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Keeping Busy

Em has been in gymnastics for a little over 2 months now. I am not really able to get any photos of her in action because I am busy trying to keep up. Plus there is never any good times to pull out the camera because we are always on the move. Hopefully soon Mike will take over the activity (because my belly is getting in the way) and I can bring my big lens to get some good shots. 
She still has days were it is just chaos. Her listening skills could use improvement but other then that I think she is really having fun learning and climbing on everything. Except for the rings. She will not even come close to even touching them. I know she has some issues with being scared of heights so we are trying to overcome that.

Mike finally took over this day...forgot my good camera tho :( 

We went to check out the tottsicle ice skate activity. 
It was absolutely so cute! 
I was shocked how extensive it was all for $5. 
The kids are on the ice for about 45 minutes playing with tons of toys. Then everyone goes inside for story time with cookies and hot chocolate. 

I'm a little bummed that this program stops during the summer. I guess there is not enough people that come during nice weather. But we will definitely be back in the fall. Hopefully she will have a little bit bigger of shoe size and then she can try the skates. 

Getting Outside

I have been trying to get outside everyday because I think it makes Emma and myself feel better. She seems to nap better, eat better and sleep better on days that we are busy doing stuff so I would like to keep that routine.

I am consolidating a bunch of days into one.

Coonskin Park 
She was not scared at all about feeding the ducks by hand. I was more worried about the pieces she was feeding them were so small. Iv never been bit by a duck so I wasn't sure how it would feel.  

 Reiner Park 
On this day, we came to play on the playground. We didn't even have food with us to feed any ducks and these guys were pissed! 
I had no personal space! 
I have not had really had any luck with sunsets here.  

Kanawha State Park 
Fishing with sticks. 

Wine Cellar Park 
'Making a wish'

Spring has arrived finally! 
Things are starting to be a lot more green which isn't so depressing. 
I met a friend at one of my favorite parks to run some energy out of the kids. 
It decided to rain while we were there. 

Sticks have always been her favorite things to collect.
She likes to touch each tree with the stick as we walk by them.

Carriage Trail

I want this bench!

She could play in water for hours

Coonskin Park
Abandoned Rail
West Virginia has a crazy amount of train tracks...because of all the coal, so there is bound to be a lot of tracks that are not used any longer also.

Cato Park
A friend invited me to a picnic near one of the parks that she lives by. A couple family's were doing a potluck and then the city put on a "info about bats talk/ a hike / lanterns release". It was nice to meet some new people and it gave Emma some time to run around with other kids. I wish Mike would have been in town to meet some people also.

Neighborhood Bike ride

Wine Cellar Park

I am so glad the leaves are green again.

We had never walked around the whole lake before, and this day we finally did. It doesn't look that big but it took us a good while to circle around.

As you can tell, we are outside a lot. Home is still a little empty for us so I like to take my mind off of the things that still make me sad.

Rails to Trails

We packed up our bikes and the grill and headed to North Bend State Park for lunch and exercise. This park has part of the Rails to Trails that run through it. 
Rails to Trails is a walking/horseback riding/bike path that use to be train tracks but have been taken away and now is a smooth (gravel) surface. It is 5,500 miles and runs coast to coast. 
This tunnel is number #13. It is known for the train wreck in 1956 where two people died as it emerged from this tunnel. 
I was so surprised with how many states have these Rails to Trails paths. 
It was such a nice day. Definitely got a little burnt! 
And it wouldn't be a perfect day without a playground to dominate. 

Circus Time

We bought tickets to the circus a couple months ago when we heard they were coming to town. West Virginia is the last stop that the elephants will be in the show because they are retiring. 
Even though I feel tremendously bad for these beautiful animals, I still wanted to take Emma to see them before they were gone for good. They are headed to a place in Florida for their retirement. Hopefully they are able to run free and live happy because I definitely think they deserve it. 
I still feel bad for all the other animals in the show. I think they all deserve to have grass under their feet and the sun on their back. Hopefully one day they will have that feeling. 
I had never been to the circus. Mike had went once when he was really young but didn't remember it to much, so it was a new experience for all three of us. 
Overall, I thought it was really good. 
They really keep us entertained. 
There was of course one little small thing that was a little annoying.  It really wasn't that big of a deal so I wasn't even going to write it. But...just because.
So we bought 3 seats. We didn't need to because Emma is 2, but we did because we know our daughter. She likes to stand up and move around a little bit and we wanted her to be comfortable, as well as ourselves. 
So when we sat down, I sat down right next to Mike (helping hold napkins, popcorn and a snow cone), with Emma on Mikes lap because she was eating (and he was helping). The show was about to start and I was going to soon move over to give us a little more room. 
All of a sudden a (older) man with his wife and child sit down right beside one of the seat we paid for.
I had said something very nicely about us paying for that seat but I think he was hard of hearing...and from the loudness from the show. I'm not one for confrontation either. 
So we tried to enjoy the first half of the show with Emma squirming to not be held it was hot in there!
During intermission Mike said something politely and the man went back up to his seats. 
The second half was so much better. We enjoyed the show so much more...and so did Emma. 

I think it would have been so cool in my younger days to be a performer in the circus. Traveling around like they do. I'm sure it gets old, but for a little while I would have probably liked it. 

Overall, I think it was a pretty great show. I can finally say that I have been to the circus!