Thursday, April 28, 2016


Its almost been a month.
And I am still having trouble writing this.
There has not been a day that has gone by without me having a breakdown.
I hid my face so Emma doesn't see her mamma always crying. 
Our house has never been so cold and lonely.
I am still finding reasons to leave and not come home for hours.
He was so involved in our everyday life that I have been hit really hard with trying to make the new normal routine.
I am still not able to talk about him. When someone asks, I break down and ask to talk about something else.
The hardest comes when Emma says his name.
Just everyday things that make the whole situation difficult.
Cleaning out the lint trap in my dryer that still collects his fur.
The blankets that have his hair encased in the material that will never come out know matter how much I wash them..
The nose prints on my car windows.
His food dishes that are still out with food in them that I just cannot seem to put way.
He wasn't just a pet in our house. He was one of my babies.
I just miss him a lot.