Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Charlie's Updates

I'm so disappointed that I haven't kept up with my little guys monthly updates. Going back on Emma's, the updates were either the day before or on the actual day she turned. 
Boy does it stink being the second child....I feel your pain! I am #2 also.  

I'm not going to really go back all the way to five months because I am terrible and never wrote anything down. So lets start with the present...8 months.  

Tends to make funny faces when eating apples and pears. He seems not to finish the baby foods that have them in it. 

Has an awesome back arch. I actually have to lay him on the floor and put both my feet on his shoulders just to change a diaper. Changing in public is crazy difficult. 

I can tell he is taking his time with certain things. Sitting up, crawling...he is just taking his good ol time. 

He is awesome at the army crawl. He does bring his legs up sometimes to crawl but he is way quicker the army way.

He is pulling himself up and standing a lot. 

He LOVES him some dog toys! I should have just bought him those instead of baby toys. Not that I let him crew on nasty dog toys but he always seems to make a run for them when they are on the floor. Cami seems to like to drop them right next to him also. 

Cords, shoes, paper, crayons....anything but actual toys, he loves.

He had croup for a night. Not really crazy bad like it could have been. I heard him coughing like a seal during the night. I took him in to the doctor the very next morning and they gave him meds. How in the world does anyone else make their child take medicine at this age. Charlie probably swallowed not even a drop. Spit everything out.

Hating his car seat and high chair. Being strapped in is no fun!

Still is waking up at least 5 time during the night. I have just come to the conclusion that I suck at teaching my babies to sleep.  I cant do the cry it out method. He just becomes even more hysterical the longer I let him go. Then there are boogers and he cant breath, or he trows up from crying.  It is what it is. I have 12 months more months of interrupted sleep if I nurse the same length then I did with Emma. I really think he wakes himself up every time he pees. And when I am nursing him back to sleep a couple times a night, that is a lot of pee.  It is also impossible for Mike to try to help. We have tried and Charlie continues to scream in till I come in. 

He loves being tickled. And I love tickling him. 

He loves watching and playing with his big sister. 

He has two teeth

Loving bath time and when we go to the pool. So much splashing! 

He takes two naps a day.  Usually around 10 and 1.

He has been talking lot this month. Lots of little screams here and there because I think he like the way it sounds. 

I love him so much and am so lucky. 

I really hope these upcoming months I can do a better job updating. I feel terrible that I have been slacking so much on this. There are so many posts I need to write about things we have been up to but when it comes down to actually doing it, I just want sit and do nothing.