Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sensory Fun

Emma is at the stage of, I can not sit still. I'm pretty sure this stage last...what, like 15 years or so?
I try to find activity's to keep her busy.
All of them I have found on good-ol-pintrest. 
Some were a win....others I recommend the Do NOT Try At Home warning.

First we tried the yogurt painting. 
This was the best activity so far.

This next one was pretty similar to the yogurt painting but it used cereal instead of yogurt. 
 I wish I would have made it a better color then orange. Orange doesn't look that appetizing.
 I added so much water to this and I was still nervous that she was going to get a huge glob in her mouth and choke.

 Every time we walk upstairs (to change a diaper) we stop and make funny faces at the mirror hanging by the stairs. 
I took the mirror down for her to go crazy at it.

OK so I'm not going to lie. I'm a little embarrassed about this next idea....that I found on PINTREST!
Filling up a bath with bubbles and using food coloring to make the bubbles all different colors. 
How fun is that!...right?!?
Yes...Im not sure why I could not remember that food coloring STAINS!!!!!! 
I gave Emma 3 baths after this and she still had a hue of pink skin, not to mention the blue on her nose.
Also...I have now ruined my shower curtain, bathroom rug and decorative towel.
Thanks Pintrest!
You suck!

I decided to be a little cruel and it kinda backfired on me.
I gave Emma her first taste of a lemon.
 I was expecting to get some squishy faces
 instead she loved it!
 That has been our fun lately.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Im a couple days late...7 Months Update

Its amazing month by month how much they change. 
She has been so much fun lately. Smiling and laughing hysterically.
I just cant put my video camera down.

She loves eating food. She has surprised me though with her choices. Its seems that she would rather eat green beans, peas, squash then peaches, apples and bananas.

This past month she has really picked up with her talking. She has something to say about everything. 

She is extremely ticklish. The feet, belly, underarms, neck. 
So cute!

Every time Emma coughs..she laughs and smiles afterwards. 
The weirdest thing!?

Emma loooves to have her ears cleaned. She will be wiggling all over the place and once the q-tip comes she lays completely still.

She is still wearing her 3 month onsies, but this month will be the change over to 6 months. 
I think its time.

We have switched over from sleeping in our room to her room.
Its not going so well. :(
I am up all hours of the night.

We have our first class at My Gym tomorrow.
(this was taken at the open house)

This is happening now. 
I cant believe it!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Playing Catch Up

We have been really busy lately so I'm going to cram everything into one post just to play catch up.

Emma and I did a quick little hike for one reason.
To leave our mark!

I took Emma to to the park to feed the ducks. 
She had a blast!

We went to the other side of the island just to make lunch.

A little walk in a garden with a nice waterfall

 Emma and I went in town to watch a sunset...that was covered by clouds.

  We went to a park

 Went in search for a waterfall that we will have to save for another day...(because of the safety of Emma)
 This little one was still pretty
 View from the top of the falls

Sat in our very first shopping cart
(I usually carry her)
 Sat in the stroller without the car seat
 Looking cool
 More Beach

I still have a couple things I didn't add because they need need their own page but I'm glad I am semi caught up now.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Iv been working on my house a little.
 Nothing to crazy but enough to keep my busy.
I have hundreds of things Pinned and finally some are being executed.

First off:

Love Shelf
 I saw this and thought it was super cute. They actually give you the measurements also so there is no guessing.

I started painting a little.
My plan is to make one of these each time we move to a new state.

Like I said, Iv been doing a little painting. It gives me a little something to do when my house is clean and laundry is done but baby is sleeping.

 This piece is really special.
 The hutch was Mikes mothers.
I wanted to keep it and actually use it but it needed some TLC.
This was taken after I de-stained (is that the right term? haha) and sanded it.
Refinishing it has been quite a job but it was worth it.

I didn't take individual pictures of the of the 'walk in hula out' sign but I painted that as well. Mike says the hula girl is wearing a lot of makeup!?!
Also the LOVE blocks with Bolo's paw print as the O.
The 'not all those that wander are lost' sign I made with the letters out of a world map.
 I guess there will have to be a part 2 to this project post because there has been a lot more happening in my house.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beach Finds

I take Bolo and Emma to the beach every morning during the week. Its the way we love start our day. 
You never know what your going to find on a beach walk.

This is the most special find EVER!
This is a Sunrise Shell
They where once known to be the property of Hawaiian royalty.
I personalty have never seen one...or even shards of one.
The mint condition shells go for $$$$.
 This will be a keeper for the rest of my life.
While we are on the topic of shells...I think it is tricky to find a unbroken shell in Hawaii. The shells get torn up by the swells (hitting the reef) so by the time they get to shore they are damaged. I have never been the one to collect shells...in till I started having good luck with finding them.
 It almost gets addicting.
These are all of the unbroken shells that I have found so far...being only like a month collecting.
Im actually getting a little spoiled and think twice picking up anything that is cracked.
Bolo actually found this guy.
Calamari Anyone?
  Man of War.
Iv never been stung by one but I guess they can be no joke!
Look how long the stinger is! 
The only way to get a good picture of these guys are when they are dead.
So fast!
People eat these right out of the shell.
Ill pass.
 Look up and take it all in