Wednesday, February 29, 2012


  We made it! All 4 of us! Thank god! I cant believe how smooth everything went. I feel like such a idiot now with all my nerves leading up to it.

   Even-tho we didn't have to pay for out bags... we did have a fee of $100 because they were way over weight.
    We had the smallest plane ever leaving Raleigh Durhum Airport, in North Carolina. I almost didn't want to get on. 3 hour flight felt like 10.
   Landing only 15 min before our next plane boarded in Texas wasn't fun. Running trough the airport not knowing where the terminal was made me feel a little like Home Alone. The 2nd airplane was a little better. We weren't in the last row next to the bathroom, and we could actually lean our seats back and be somewhat comfortable. I still hate flying! 14 hours was worth it all when it ended.
  I think one of these island is Maui. (Just guessing)

  We picked Bolo and Sheba up at the Quarantine Facility after we got our luggage. They were so upset in their crates. 2 days in 3 different airplanes I'm sure they didn't have fun at all. Sheba has a little boo-boo on her nose, not quite sure how it happened but it doesn't really matter. I'm just glad I have 2 alive dogs. I still am in shock that all the paperwork I had work on for almost a year had no problems. I was sure that they were going to tell me that my dogs had to stay in quarantine for something I did wrong. Leaving the airport with 2 very loud barking dogs... rainbow in the distance! It felt like a good sign.              

    We haven't really had a chance to do anything around the island yet. Just getting settled in was our main concern at the moment. Getting the dogs situated at the place were we have to stay temporarily till we get a house.  We still have a rent-a-car so Mike has been busy trying to find a car to buy.  We went on base yesterday to pick up a form and along the way I snapped a few pictures. This is going to be a amazing drive to work everyday for him. I did hear traffic stinks tho. (grey and rainy but still beautiful)

 I cant believe that this is going to be my home for the next few years. I'm so excited to see it all. I just hope the time change affects are not going to last too long because I definitely didn't get enough beauty sleep last night  :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

1/2 way

Good Bye to Mikes car last night. Very sad day...

The unnecessary truck that we had to rent. 2 large and 2 small suitcases and 2 dog crates = 17 foot truck
   Bolo in the wee hours of the morning hanging out in the back of the truck.

   Sheba sleeping on both mine and Mikes lap during our 3 hour drive.

   Bolos usual stance while in the car. Whole body on the dash while his nose is fogging up the window.

  Well our move is half way over. The baby's are gone. Everything when as planed so far, tomorrows the day that I'm really nervous about so we will just see how that goes. Bright and early for Mike and I so bed time will be early. Getting excited!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Graduation Day

  Mike is now officially a Combat Engineer. He graduated on Thursday with 14 other guys. I'm so proud! This year has been such a new experience for him and he has handled it so well.  Too bad I didn't get any photos from him actually on stage receiving his certificate. My camera was acting up right as it was his turn, of coarse.
   Its been also a crazy weekend with the "moving" stuff happening.  Its going to be so nice when I have other stuff to talk about then this. We drove my car to Virginia yesterday, (4 hours there, 4 hours back) for it to be shipped. Estimated time of arrival is 30 days.  Another thing off the list, feels good to be done with that.
   Because we have shipped my car, Mike needs to sell his in order for us to buy one the day after we arrive in HI. So we wont have a car to get us to the airport on Monday to take the dogs to their flight. We called around all morning trying to find a cargo/ mini van to rent to be able to have enough room for our suitcases and dog crates. I guess no company allows vans to be dropped off at a different location other then the location you pick it up from. I thought that was the whole idea. To be able to drive it somewhere and drop it off where ever you ended up. To make a really really long agonizing story shorter, we are picking up a moving truck later tonight.... So driving to the airport huge truck...yep! Then we are going to stay in Raleigh for one night. There is no point in us coming home because the drive is so long... so taxi's for the rest of our time there.  I just cant wait to get their so I don't have to think about this anymore.
  So tonight a few more errands. Maybe a couple of drinks are on the menu too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good By Topsail Island

  I'm really going to miss Topsail Island. In the short time we were here we really had a great time. North Carolina will always have a special place in my heart being our first move away from home.

*Our little house on the beach. Great memories were had in this home.

* The spot were the baby's lay every morning to sun themselves.

                                                                                                                                         *Beach time                
          ~Not Pictured ....

*Brass Pelican
*Nikki's Sushi
*Air Show every morning (military planes practicing)

~ But there are things here that I wont miss at all.

  The only road on the island. The speed limit is 45 and everyone goes 20.

 The house a couple down from ours that has a bunch troublemakers living in it.

Graduation Party

  Last night was the final party for Mike's class. Having it at their favorite spot of coarse. I know the Brass Pelican will be missed by all. This picture was taken after a looong night, so I am surprised that it isn't even more fuzzy then it is. 

     Being Mardi Gras also did not help. I don't really remember taking pictures so I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my camera.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

MS Study

   A few months ago my sister had told me that she had started participating in a study about MS. Having my father, uncle and cousin all diagnosed with this terrible disease I thought maybe I should participate too. I was sent a few forms and questionnaires to fill out and today in the mail came this contraption that I will have to spit in... and mail back. lol 
( and not just one spit... I have to fill it up to a line)


   Mike and I went and saw the movie Safe House on Friday. Packed theater of course. Jacksonville is always crazy busy on weekends especially right after payday. OK movie. I was a little surprised how predictable it ended. I thought they would have put a little twist on it at least. Denzel held up to his potential tho.  After that we went to our normal spot and had a few drinks. It was nice to get out of the house and think about something other then the move.
  Saturday we took the pups to their last vet appointment before we have to leave. I wanted Mike to be their with me so I could take both of them at one time and that was the only day he could do. Living 45 minutes away from the clinic that we ended up going to was pretty painful. I called around to all the vets that are around our area and they either were booked all day, weren't even open on Saturday or didn't do Hawaii Health Certificates. I finally found one in Jacksonville that was available. We didn't give anything to Bolo because we didn't want him all drugged up to see the Dr. It felt like the longest 45 minutes of my life. He is so unbelievably bad in the car. I think he is just so excited that he can not control himself at all. Being on a Saturday I felt like all of Jacksonville was in the waiting room. Its amazing how some people just let their dog come right up to another without a thought of it. Bolo HATES the vets and is not happy at all when he is there. So adding to that a random dog in his face makes the situation worse. I was just glad when it was over.  We headed to Wilmington that night. It was once again nice to not have to think about something other then what I still need to get done.
   Today Mike and I went back to Jacksonville to run errands. We needed to buy 2 big suitcases to fit all of our stuff that we still have here. Crossing my fingers that we wont have to mail anything. Also we bought Bolo his new crate. I just wish we didn't buy the other one. Such a wast of money.
   Tomorrow we have a walk through scheduled with our reality company. I'm going to take Bolo for a nice long walk while she is here. That way its a little calmer.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flights and Hotel...Check

   We have booked our flights finally. It definitely a load off now that we have them.  Landing the exact same time as the dogs is nice. Lets just hope that everything is on schedule. Temp Lodging is all filled so we made a reservation at a Hotel. The map says its only about 20 min away from base so I have my fingers crossed that traffic isn't horrible in the morning's for Mike. The lady that I talked to from the TLA office said that it can take anywhere from days to months to get a house on base. (on that note..the people that work there are either NEVER at their desk, on the phone, or don't ever return messages)(I might have called 50 times before I got through) The "days" would be so wonderful. I want my own belongings back. I think its gonna be like Christmas when I get all my stuff back.
   So know we have a vet appointment on Saturday for both the baby's. I'm praying that everything goes well with that. The Health Certificate is the last thing that I need to get before we can fly/airport release them. Then all the paperwork will be sent out right away and that will be that.
   This weekend we will also have to stop at the pet store. The crate we bought on Black Friday this year for such a great price is not the right size. Because Bolo is a snub-nose dog he has to be in a one size larger kennel then what is recommended.  So to the pet store we go. Also we need to stop and buy a larger suitcase. We had to keep a lot of books/binders/uniforms for Mike to finish school, so I feel like we will have wwwaaayyy more then what the two little suitcases we have can carry. Monday we have a walk through with the reality company to make sure the house is still standing. That's just one more thing that I wont have to think about once its done. 
   Mike has a 72 this weekend so that will be really nice to get a lot of stuff done. This time off came at such a good time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No More Complaining

   I have pimples all over my face and a headache that wont seem to go away with even medicine. Mike and I are feeling the tench-in between us with all of these things to think about. I keep writing about this because its consuming my life at the moment. I know people have it WAY worse in the world and I should be grateful that my life is soon to change for the better, and I AM!  So from now on, no more complaining from me....I promise!

Dog Flight's...Check

  Valentines Day came and went. Being to busy thinking about all of the things that need to get done is taking over our life for the time being. I spent the day on the phone with Continental Airlines trying to figure the pups flights.(It caused me to bit off all of my nails in the process) There are so many rules that it is impossible to fly both of them together.
-Only 1 large crate or two small crates per plane  (i guess because plane is on the smaller side)
-We have to arrive in Honolulu by 3:00pm (due to quarantine)
- Snub-nose dogs cannot fly on all of the planes
There are probably more rules but my brain isn't working anymore.
   So we came down to booking the flight a day before Mike and I even get to Hawaii. They have to fly out on two separate planes. Bolo at 12:10 and Sheba at 6:35 to Chicago. (So we will just have to wait around for awhile which I don't really mind as long as they are OK) After that they continue separately to Texas where they both will eventually end up and stay the night. (I have never boarded them so they probably have a fit about it) The next morning they are both on the same flight arriving to Hawaii around 2:00. Hopefully Mike and I will have landed already to get the paperwork started for them to leave with us that day from Quarantine.
  Today I have to book our flights, print all of the paperwork off for Quarantine and flights, and figure out where we are going to live when we get there. I had called yesterday to Temp Lodging and they pretty much laughed at me. I knew they would be all full, what was I thinking even calling.
   Mike has left early this morning for the field, so I am on my own for 48 hours. I just wish I could run stuff past him so I know I'm doing it right. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012


  I have been computer free for the last couple days.  Mike has been working on his brief all weekend and needed it. So withdrawing from Pintrest has been painful.  He says that his group is doing well tho, so that's all that matters. This one is suppose to be the hardest just because its the last one. Presenting on Tuesday, hopefully all the hard work will pay off.
  Sheba still does not have the pills that I have ordered for her. I have called twice to the place where I had to order the them and tomorrow will be a third time. They had the "nice" Katie then, tomorrow wont be so nice.  I don't like to be confrontational at all but I feel like this company is pushing me around.  It has been 13 days sense she took her last pill and I can totally tell that she desperately needs them.  I will never use these people again!
     Mike and I when to a Mexican restaurant for dinner after he got home from working with the guys. He's not a fan of Mexican so I was surprised that he even mentioned it. I feel like everything on the menu looks the same. I'm sure its all good but its all covered in cheese and beans. I usually get the fajitas. I like the attention when it comes out sizzling.... :)  I got a really dangerous drink while we were there too . I could have ordered 10 Mango Paradises they were so good.  I just felt like it was missing a slice of pineapple or strawberry on the brim. I wouldn't have eaten them anyways but it would have been pretty. Mike was happy with his huge mug of beer too.  

   I cant believe our time here is almost over.  I have yet to find out all the details to our move which is making me crazy. I just feel like something will end up going wrong as usual. I am expecting a phone call tomorrow that will hopefully get the ball rolling. There is so much to still do!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doggie Drama

   Stressing! I'm having trouble finding a airline that will except a snub-nose dog. Booking tickets tomorrow I would like to be somewhat prepared when I go to the office. Also, I'm trying to have only one layover instead of two. I don't want them locked up in their crate for 18 hours or more. ugg. On top of all that, we will need to arrive by 3:00pm to Hawaii in order to take the dogs with us that day. If not they have to stay overnight at the airport. How in the world do people do this? I wanna cry...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Overview

   I feel like this weekend has flown bye once again. Mike was consumed by his brief for the most part. He finally finished it late last night just in time to hand it in this morning. He said it went well, thank goodness.
   We also had a little time to get our taxes done. That's just another thing to check off my list of things we need to get done before we move. We also dropped Mikes car off at the shop to have some work done before we ship it. We want everything to be working correctly before we get there so we don't have to think about it. All of our tax return will be going to the Ford dealership probably.
  Taking a little break from Mikes brief, a few of the guys got together to watch the Superbowl. Everyone was going to bring something to munch on . I ended up doing way to much as usual. I investigated what everyone was bringing and decided to make lasagna because there was no actual "dinner" food. I also brought pizza rolls, strawberry footballs and cake batter truffles. (by request)  We only stayed till halftime was over because Mike had to finish up a few things. I didn't really care about the teams anyways so I didn't mind. 
   This morning the movers came. I just hope that I packed everything that needed to go and I kept out the things that we still need. Never fails, something will be wrong, I just know it. In a little bit I'm going to go see Grace. Its a chilly day today so our walk will probably be a quick one. I also have to write her mom and let her know about our upcoming move. I feel bad that I didn't let her know when I fist started caring for Grace, It just wasn't on my mind too much then.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Picture Day

 I took my camera to the beach today. Usually I see better material for pictures tho.

Pieces of a horseshoe crab. (after I took this picture I saw the rest of him down the beach a little)

 Someone buried the top of their Christmas Tree on the beach... then hung sea shells like ornaments.   (kinda weird)

I finally walked down to the end of North Topsail Island.

                                      Battleship in the distance.

  Grace taking just a moment from her craziness to get a rare photo of her actually looking at the camera.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


   Yesterday, Mike called me to ask if I would bring him dinner because he was going to be sleeping in his room at school. Their brief was due the next day so it was better that they stayed and worked on it. He also hinted that I should make something to snack on. The only thing in my pantry that was quick to make was a cake box, so I made cupcakes. Food coloring to vanilla icing made it a little more exciting

I usually wake up when Mike leaves for work to take Sheba to go out side.(5:00) But because he wasn't here last night I woke up a little later and I notice it was a good opportunity to watch the sun rise. I hurried up and put Bolo's leash on and walked down to the beach in my PJ's. Well it was like watching water boil. Bolo was getting antsy.(he does this thing where he breaths just loud enough to almost be a whine but not quite) So I never really got to see the actual sun rise but it was still pretty.

  Today a friend and I went to lunch, then I gave her a haircut.  Dinner I made Lasagna Soup. Mike was not fond of it (he still ate 3 bowls of it tho) but I though it was pretty good.