Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Quick cheap sensory play time for the little one.
I thought she was going to have a little more fun with this idea then she did.
 Maybe due to missing her afternoon nap.
 I was expecting her to eat every last piece.
Thats not at all what happened
 It just ended up melting in the Hawaiian sun.
It still was a activity that kept her busy for a little while. We will definitely be trying this one again once she is more rested.

Natures Pool

We went for a hike to a three tiered waterfall that was pretty non existent because it hadn't rained for awhile. It still was a great hike and just nice to get outside.
Loves being on daddy's back

Cardiac Hill

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Emma's First Christmas

I was so excited this year for Emma's first Christmas. Not only for the fact that it is such a special holiday, but also to be able to play with different toys and give the old ones a break. I'm starting to hear them in my sleep.
We didn't really go all out this year with the toy buying though.  I had just a few things in mind that I knew she would like.
On Christmas Eve we usually open one present.
 She is OBSESSED with the maracas at her My Gym class so I knew she was going to love them. She actually went to bed with one in her hand. She cried different times for me to come rock her back to sleep still holding it.

On Christmas morning I took more video then pictures so this is pretty much all I have.
 She really enjoyed tasting all of the wrapping paper
 Patiently waiting.

She also really enjoys this swing at her class so I had to pick one up for home also. 
Living on base they have rules about what you can and cannot drill into the house.
Lets just say this is in our back yard and hopefully no one sees it.
 Her Aunt, Great Aunt and a special friend from home spiced up her wardrobe which she will be debuting once she puts a little more meat on those bones....and gets older. Such cute stuff!  (thank you guys <3) 

After all of the excitement we headed to the beach with THE REST OF OAHU!
I swear! 
We drove around for a good hour at one of our favorite beaches trying to find a parking spot. We ended up chalking it up and coming back on base where we posted up for some fun in the sun. 
She was LOVVVING the water. 
and I was lovvving that she is over the "eating the sand" phase.

Overall I give this Christmas a 9/10.
Being able to spend it with family would have made it absolutely perfect.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Photos

 I had a few different photo ideas this year for my little stinker (thank you pintrest) but she had different plans.
It seems like she is starting to hate the camera. I don't blame her though because it is always shoved in her face....but I just cant help it.

Believe it or not but EVER.SINGLE.PHOTO she was screaming with tears. 
I just got lucky with a couple that "looks" like she is having a good time.

Merry Christmas 
9 months

And there ya have it.

And just in case you don't believe me about the screaming


Emma went to see Santa a few weeks ago. 
She loved it! 

She also made her first Christmas cards.
Baby footprints are so difficult to get perfect but we tried. 
 and just because I love him too...!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sea Worlds got nothing on this

Emma's normal rise and shine way before the sun always gives the opportunity to watch it appear.
Of course I would much rather be sleeping but it is what it is.

This particular day wasn't the best.
The clouds were totally covering the rays. 
Not even a peak of color
I chalked it up and took some pictures of other things besides the sun. 
 IN TILL.......
 Right in front of Emma and myself comes not one Monk Seal but TWO!
 They must have felt my disappointment with the morning show that day because they turned my frown upside down. haha
 It was playtime
I could have sat there for hours and watched them.
 And just as quickly they came that's how quickly they left.
I'm going to miss Hawaii.  :(

Monday, December 15, 2014

Lights Galore

I heard of two streets on island that go all out and make the dark night glow with sparkly lights. 
One of the streets just so happens to be the next town over from us. 

We opted to walk the street instead of drive slowly like some people do to get the full effect. 

Walking along this street makes me want to cover my house with Christmas lights. 
If we are not living on base next year its going to happen!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bellows Loop Trail

Mike, Emma and I were looking for something short and sweet to get us outside. Our plan was to do this loop trail and hit the beach after to cool off. 
This little walk is on a military training area so it is deserted.
I highly emphasize WALK.
three peeks in the distance
 Beautiful views of the Ko olau mountain range
 I was hoping to see some wild pig while we were here. They are suppose to be everywhere in this area. 
I have only seen 2 sense I have been here and never capture one on camera yet. Sadly we only saw one as we were driving away and the camera was in the trunk.
 Of course just our luck it decided to rain as we walked to the car. 
No beach after.