Friday, December 27, 2013


I am extremely disappointed that once again, I have missed the Pipe Masters.
I don't even know how it happen....well maybe I do.
 I had to work.

That being said, I talked Mike into taking a drive to see the waves anyways. 
Hawaii is known for their enormous swells during winter time.

First stop, 
Pregnant lady's gotta eat.  
Stopped at the famous Mikes Huli Huli Chicken. 
All I really wanted was the mac salad though. 
That's probably the one thing that I have craved a lot of during this pregnancy.
We made it to Banzi...with all the other tour groups. 
I didn't even think they stopped here. 
I can no longer see my feet.
 After getting a little tan, we continued up north to Haleiwa. 
Shopped and walked around.
 On our way home, when of course I desperately had to pee, we were detoured way out of our way due to our President's scheldual. 
This is what happens when he comes for his Christmas vacation in your small town.
45 minutes of sitting and waiting.
Looks like fun, right?
Beach time with my handsome boy.
  Digging Hill View
 and just because it is December 27th and 80 degrees outside...

Sunday, December 22, 2013

29 Weeks...Chistmas Edition

29 Weeks
Mike's Santa.
 He did pretty good...I was expecting worse...not gonna lie

I just had my Glucose test at my last appointment so the results are on there way. 
Hopefully coming back normal.
 Also, I had the first shot for my RH negative blood. I think Ill only need one more after I give birth.

My weight has been hard to except lately. The doctor says I am right on track which is what I want to hear, but when I cant fit into ANYTHING, its kinda depressing. I feel like my upper body hasn't changed a whole lot but my lower body is a different story! 20lbs more in the butt and thighs where not needed! Its dresses from here on out.

Sleeping is no longer comfortable. Laying on my back is totally out the window, and moving from side to side is getting harder everynight. 

Other then all that, I have finally finished cleaning out the office and we bought a crib. 
I think every daddy needs a picture of the assembly.
 I'm ready to get the room put together and not think about it anymore. I have so many ideas but nothing is happening. 

As for work, I have set a date and that will be the end of it. Since the age of 15 (excluding the 4 months we lived in North Carolina where I did hair here and there out of the house...and the 2 months after we moved to Oahu) I have always had a job. This is going to be a huge adjustment for me not getting up, putting makeup on, doing my hair (sometimes) and getting dressed. Just knowing that I am not going to be helping out with our lifestyle anymore makes me a little nervous.
I just always though I would be a stay at home mom, at least for the first few years. 
So, I'm going to give it a try.
I have a feeling though, I'm going to love it.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Big Island: Lava Trees, Mouna Loa, Coconut Island & a Garden

 Lava Tree State Park
Lava once flowed through this area and encased wet trees leaving hollow tubes where the tree stood.
 We stopped by the Mouna Lao Macadamia Nut Factory to get some of the best ice cream on the island.
 You can take a quick tour of the actual factory.
Coconut Island
Known as the Healing Island
 Great turtle spot
 Lili'uokalani Garden 
Named after a queen
30 acre Japanese garden

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just Some Extras

 The cottage that we stayed in while at the volcano, decorates for the holidays. 
Mike just couldn't help himself.
 Yes, our vacation had a time out while the OSU game was on.
Never Fails 
But it was nice to use the fireplace in our room.
 This is like a wall of fame for all the fisherman that have made massive catches in Hawaii.
 We stopped at a swap meet and I saw this out of the corner of my eye...???
Who would buy this???
 The job of a landscaper
 Magic Sands Beach
Well needed beach stop for just a couple hours
Horses, cows and goats consume this island
 Still just cant get enough of this place.

The Big Island: The Most Southern Point in the US & Green Sand Beach

 This is what the most southern spot in the US looks like.
Kinda close to the tip is the Green Sand Beach
Its a 3 mile walk one way.
There are locals willing to drive you down and back in their 4x4 vehicles. We decided to hike down and save some cash. (Note for next time: don't wear flip flops)
 Its a flat hike pretty much the whole way. The only thing is that is is crazy windy so your getting pelted with dirt/sand. We were exfoliated and orange (from the dirt) by the time we actually made it to the beach.

We opted to spend $10(each) for a ride back to our car after we spent a couple minutes checking it all out. The driver said the sand is usually a lot greener when the wind isn't so harsh.

The Big Island: Sugar Mill, Kings Statue & Two Amazing Lookouts

We stumbled on this old Sugar Plantation by accident when we made a wrong turn.
Hakalau Mill
It was destroyed in the 1946 tsunami.

Waipio Valley Lookout
I really wish we were able to do the crazy hike in this valley.
The 13th tallest waterfall in the world can be seen here.

This is the very first statue of King Kamehameha, now they are all over the islands.
Pololu Valley Lookout

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Its Finally Christmas in my House! But I will now have get a second job!

We are so late this year with our Christmas Decorations!
Sense we were going to be on vacation, and didn't want our friend that was staying with Bolo to have to take care of a tree also, we decided to get one later on when we got home. 
Well, we learned our lesson with waiting! 
Passing by the place (on base) where we got our tree last year, and seeing that they have absolutely NONE left, we made our way out of the gates to look around in town. 
Lets just say, I have never in my life spent so much $$$ on a tree...EVER! 
I'm actually cringing thinking why we even bought one at this price.
Its the smallest tree Iv probably ever had too. I'm talking like barely 5ft.
I understand that they have to ship them from the mainland, but OMG!
So, we will be enjoying our EXPENSIVE, TINY tree for a total of 10 days.
Anything for a Merry Christmas I guess.

The Big Island: Black Sand Beach X 2

We stopped at two different Black Sand Beaches while on The Big Island.
Punalu'u is the popular touristy spot.
Its known for the turtles that relax here.

The second one was in Kaimu.
This was a small town that was destroyed by lava in 1990. 

 There is a school bus half buried by lava out here that I couldn't find.

The Big Island: Rainbow Falls & Akaka Falls

Rainbow Falls gets its name from the rainbow that appears from the mist water at the bottom. 
Sadly, we didn't have one today.
It is said that the cave under the falls is the home to a ancient Hawaiian goddess.
Looking at the top of the falls.

Akaka Falls