Saturday, August 31, 2013

Snorkeling a Plane Wreck....but had no such luck

It was a beautiful day on the water. A little choppy, which is not a good thing when you are prone to sea sickness like me, but still a good day. 
We were off to kayak into the middle of the ocean, just off a popular beach name Lanakai.
We were practically serching for a needle in a hay stack being out there.
Bellow Airfield Base is directly next to Lanakai, and in 1947 and small plane had engine failure and crashed.
The military just left the plane out there just a few hundred feet from shore, but a storm came in the 70s and drug it out further.  
We were on a hunt to find and free dive it.
Easier said then done.
We had specific grid coordinates, but my husband and his watch weren't with us so we had know way of entering them in anywhere.
Even if we did end up finding the plane, we forgot to bring an anchor for the kayaks, and the current was not in out favor. 
So we sat, took in the sun and pretty much gave up...after bobbing and rocking a lot!
One word:
I had symptoms of pregnancy finally...but not because I am pregnant.
We haven't given up, just postponed this adventure. 
Mike needs to hurry home so I can use the computer on his wrist....and because I miss him.  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rock Bridge

  Set off to do a hike that I have done once before, but this time we had a different destination in mind.
Hunama Bay is a extremely popular bay that is known for good snorkeling... but that comes with large crowds. 
I have yet to snorkel here because of that.
The hike is amazing though. 
HOT and more hot! 
Last time I hike here, it rained on us and the sun was not nearly as bright. 

This is the first time I have been able to see all 3 of the nearest islands to Oahu.
Kinda hard to see but, very visible not in a picture.
Molokai on the left, and right behind that is Maui, tiny Lani is on the right.
Our final destination was the rock bridge.
Kinda hard to find.
I was a little iffy walking down to the bridge just because of the loose dirt and how I am such a scaredy cat when it comes to heights.
I had already run out of water and just decided to stay at the top where I felt a little more secure.
(I would never do anything to jeopardize our baby.)
Picture taken by Kegan Clausen
We wanted to watch sunset from the Spitting Cave, but as we were ending this hike we knew we were going to miss it there.
But we headed over that way anyways because it was so close, and got the tail end to the show.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gender Reveal

Like I had said in a earlier post...We have been given an 80% "guess" on our baby's gender.
So a 20% chance I will have to do this Gender Reveal a second time. 
We will see...
but as of now, here it is.
(someone was woken up from a nap, so he wasn't being very photogenic)

 Get ready Bolo,
tutu's and dress ups are in the near future. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

12 Weeks

Not really sure if this is baby or food?  I'm still hungry and eating all the time!
I once again, I'm feeling no symptoms of pregnancy at all. The pimples seem to have gone away so I don't feel like people are staring at the nastiness any longer.  
This is the end to my first trimester so I guess I'm over the hump of nausea.  I am very thankful for that I never had to experience it! 
I cant believe 3 months down, only 6 more to go. It has flown by so quickly.
We are still so excited about the lil one. We have already discussed the name and feel very secure with it. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I associate names with its been a little tricky picking one. (You never know...I might not like it next month)
My next Dr. appointment is a little ways away which is a good thing because Mike will be home and finally maybe be able to attend one with me.

Lulumahu Falls...take 2

 Last time Mike and I tried to hike to Lalumahu Falls we failed.  It was POURING rain and we really didn't want to die in a flash flood that day. 
But last week it was perfect!
 This area is right next to a freeway. 
Very few people know how beautiful it is because of a row of trees.

 Can you see me?

 I'm so glad I made it back and actually got to see the falls.
I'm not quite sure but I think this is the largest waterfall I have seen yet.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

4D Ultrasound

Coming up on the 12th Week....and still not feeling pregnant at all.
If this is how easy its going to be, the Duggar family might have a little competition.
I went to a Development Dr. today that gives 4D Sonograms. 
Everything is still right on track.

 Isn't that so crazy!!!
They also gave me a CD of over 20 pictures and a couple videos.
She did make a guess on what she thinks the gender of the baby is. She said she felt 80% sure.
I'm going to wait to share till I have a chance to get a few things to "make it cute". 
(I love Pintrest!)
Hopefully she is right.

Monday, August 19, 2013

At Home Gender Testing

 I am headed to the Dr. Wednesday to have a 4D Ultrasound done which will be pretty cool. I still think its really early to be finding out the gender but they told me that they will hopefully be telling us that too. 
We will see though. 
In my mind I'm still not even are they going to see something that little. But what do I know. Technology is amazing.
I found a couple things on You Tube that I decided to give a try....just for fun.
 ~The Baking Soda/Pee:
(sorry you have to look at my pee)
Supposedly, if it fizzles when you mix them you are having a boy. If it does nothing, girl.
I would say that's a little fizzle???
I also read there are a few variables. 
Morning pee sometimes works better. (this was done before bed)
How fresh the backing soda is (which mine probably isn't that fresh)

~The Even or Odd Test:
When you combine my age and the year.
If it come out to be a even number, its a girl. Odd is a boy.

 ~Beats Per Minute: 
140 BPM or over - Girl
Under 140 BPM - Boy
My last test, baby was 169 BPM 

~The Chinese Gender Test:
So this is ''supposedly" 99% accurate.

Woman's Birth Year: 1985 Month: 6 Day: 19 Time Zone: EST
  Conception Year: 2013 Month: 6 Day: 12 Time Zone: HST
 It's a boy!  (Chinese Age 29 at Lunar month 5)

It the mixture turns brown, its a Boy
Stays the same, Girl
It was just a bunch of bubbles and foam so there was no telling...
but when I poured it out, it was still yellow.

 Morning Sickness = Girl 
No Morning Sickness = Boy 
Iv had NONE

Acne= Girl
Iv definitely had a good amount of pimples. (Iv always had crappy skin though)

Craving Sweets = Girl
This has never changed...For 28 years of my life I have been craving sweets.

So there ya have it:
4 Boy 
3 Girl
(I didn't count the Acne or sweets) 

So this really didn't help at all... too close to call it
I think Ill just leave it up to the sonogram. 
Hopefully Wednesday I will have news to share!

Just so your not thinking of my pee when you leave this post...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Almost 10 Weeks

*This post was written on 8/7/13*

I had my 2nd Dr.s appointment this morning and everything went well. The baby is on the right track and the heartbeat is very strong.
The Dr. discuses a few issues with me about my blood type that kind of made me a little nervous. Myself being AB-, and Mike being A+ makes things a little tricky. I'm just going to read about it a little more and I'm sure I will be all worked up over nothing.
I'm still feeling really really well. No symptoms whats so ever...still just pimples and hunger. I have started to tell people now which is pretty exciting. Everyone wants to give you their advice and story, which I don't mind. I want to hear the good, bad and ugly.
3 more weeks and we could possibly be finding out what we are having.
Very exciting!

8 Weeks

*This post was written on 7-24-13*

I don't really feel like I am showing yet, but I do think I am starting to have a little pudge in my belly. I am hungry ALL the time, so I think I have put on a few, couple, lot of weight. I'm talking about snacks next to my bed because I wake up STARVING, kinda hungry. I have still been feeling really well. It almost feels like I am not even pregnant because I don't have any symptoms (except for the eating) of pregnancy...oh and pimples. Cant forget about those.
Mike comes home tomorrow so Iv been busy stocking the fridge and cleaning the house. He wont be here too long though. In just a short time he will be off again for more training. I have another Dr. appointment coming up that he will miss again, which is no big deal. The only one I really care about is when we find out what we are having. I just hope he can make it for that one.
Oahu has been beautiful lately. 
Thank goodness I am still able to soak up the beach with my pup. 
 Thinking about the time that we have left here makes me a little sad. Yes, its just over a year longer, but now that I am pregnant, things are definitely going to be changing with all of my adventures before I leave. 

1st Dr.s Appointment

  *This post was written on 7-17-13*

I had my 1st Dr.s appointment today and had a wonderful experience. Thinking that I was going to have to interview a Dr. till I had a good feeling (like the movie, Knocked Up), but I'm thankful it wasn't like that.
Yes...there is only 1 in there.
I am now 7 weeks along (1 month & 3 weeks...your welcome Mike)
Due date is March 9th, 2014.
I'm excited for my water baby (Pisces). We are going to soak up as much of the beach as we can before its our time to leave.
I'm still feeling pretty good. I don't really have a appetite thinking about food, but when I actually do eat, it tastes pretty good. 

5 Weeks

*Picture was taken the day I found out, 6-26-2013*
  *This post was written on 7-7-2013*

Well, I still cant believe it. 5 weeks today.  I made my Dr. appointment for our first checkup the other day, so that is coming up soon. Mike is not going to be able to make it though. He left for the Big Island today for a month long of training. 
I have been trying to down as much water as I can and eat better, hoping that that will make the upcoming weeks a bit easier. 
We have yet to tell our family's. We wanted to wait for the 1st Dr.s appointment and also when he gets home. I always look (even when I wasn't pregnant) all the cute ways to tell your family, but I haven't settled on one way yet.
 I still have been feeling really good. The beach was so perfected today that I couldn't resist not getting in.

I'm nervous about the upcoming symptoms that I will probably start feeling. I picked up extra hours at work, so that might be a little difficult to keep going at the rate that I am if I feel like crap.
We are so excited and cant wait to hear the heartbeat.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Pele's Chair

Pele is known as one of the goddess's of Hawaii, with the power of fire and volcano.
This chair is said to be the last place she sat before she left Oahu for another island.

We explored the area a little more
 Diving Board???
 Koko Crater

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Swimming with Honu's

I bought a new dive mask last month...waiting and waiting to get it in the mail, it finally arrived and this is the first day I finally had a chance to try it out.
 We stopped at a few different beaches, but Electric Beach was the only one that we felt comfortable getting in because of the swells.
 Turtles Galore.

Now that I actually have legit gear, I'm sure there will be many more pictures under the sea while its still summer.