Wednesday, March 1, 2017


My little girl turned three! 
I have  three year old! 
please god help me
I cant believe it.
Its amazing all of the things she talks about and learns.
Kids really do say the darnedest things.
She sings her ABCs
Counts to 12
#1 on the potty like a pro...still having trouble with #2
Favorite foods are pasta, chicken, tomatoes, avocado, popcorn and ice cream.
She loves pretending to be a dog.
Loves to sing
She wants to help with everything.
 Really really into princesses.
Told me she loves Jack (a boy in her class)  :(
Daddy's girl for sure!
She wights 27lbs 6 oz and is 37 1/2 inches tall.
Picky about her drinks...only water, apple juice and pedi milk for this girl.
LOVES LOVES LOVES the color blue
With all of these amazing things that she has been doing and loving...there are always the not so wonderful things that go along with it.
When she really really wants something, the screaming and crying starts, but it doesn't end there. It goes to a extent of actually throwing up. She has yet to throw up in a store but has been pretty close.
She is the biggest drama queen.
She has trouble with the word stop. She will continue doing/ running and it almost gives me a heart attack.

A week before her birthday we took a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit the Aquarium there. I heard it was really nice and I knew she would enjoy it. Cincinnati is a three hour drive from our house so we were going to stay the night at a hotel and leave the next morning.
I always want to go to places like this on weekdays because crowed places are not really fun but Mike was not able to take off work and he has a really busy upcoming month and would not be able to come then either.  So Saturday we dropped Cami off at boarding and off we went. We get to the Aquarium 4 hours later ( not 3 cause that's how long it takes with kids) and come to find out...with one adult ticket one kid got in free. Can I just tell you...EVERYONE and their mother was there. You first had to wait in line to buy tickets, then they give you  assigned time that your group will be allowed to enter. So we had 2 hours to wait around in till we could go in. We had ice cream and walked around trying to keep everyone happy. Finally it was our turn and let me just say it was the worst mistake ever. We should have left and went to the zoo instead. Walking in a line, with people all around you, cant see anything at all is not a fun time when you pay a arm and a leg just to get in....let alone if you add that we boarded our dog, gas, hotel and food it was a very expensive activity to be so disappointing with it.
My only picture that I have of Emma with the fish that has no random people in it.
Disney on Ice was coming and it just so happened to be 3 days before her birthday.
We made it a momma daughter date.

We both had so much fun. 

I wanted to make something a little special for her class for their snack the day of her birthday and Pintrest is always such a big help. Her school is a little picky with what you can and cannot bring, so veggie straws, grapes and cheese sticks are what I came up with.

We went to Chucky Cheese and played our heart out.
After that we went to Panera Bread for a late lunch.

All she really wanted was a blue cake but I found one that was blue and had Anna and Elsa on it. Double win!

The last two or so months she had been really talking about her birthday. There must have been someone at school that had one and she remembers singing Happy Birthday and having a snack. I really would have loved to have thrown her her first party but I just wasn't sure. We would probably have invited her whole class, and the handful of people I know with children around her age, but I just didn't make a move on it fast enough.
Next year we will definitely be doing it up big.

 I am so grateful for this little girl. She gives me so much joy and laughter. Yes, she makes me want to pull my hair out at moments but I will take the frustration any day to have the happy times she brings.