Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beach Bumz

We have been hitting the beach hard lately! 
I think sunscreen is permanently soaked into Emma's skin.
I don't really get the concept of the the term "little goes a long way".
My baby is so slippery when I get through with her.
Emma used her floaty for the first time. 
She is still really small for it but she loved looking at all the colors.

Rimpac gave us a good show while we swam.

Nothing beats a beach day at Lanikai

On our drive to the North Shore we stopped at one of the many beaches to choose from.

We took Bolo bright and early to the beach.

We sadly wont be here for another summer so I'm trying my best to soak it all in. Now excuse me while I go and be depressed about that.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Little Mermaid

 Two some-what decent photos of Emma....out of seems like a 100.

I bought this mermaid outfit before she was even born knowing that Hawaii was the most perfect spot to wear it....and get some great photos.
 I wanted to wait till she was able to sit up on her own for the photos, but that wasn't going to happen. She is starting to get a little long for the tail and that's not cute if her diapers showing.

I brought with me a sheet to lay her down on but I didn't really want it in any of the photos so opted not to use it. 
Bad Idea.

 Here comes hand to mouth
 Sand on tongue
 All over after that
 I'm not going to give up quite yet.
 I am determined to get my perfect picture. 
Next time we just might try a different backdrop where there isn't so much sand.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

5 Months

My baby Emma is 5 months old!
 I just cant believe how fast it goes.
She has been such a little angle. 
I am having so much fun with her....and I hope her with me. :) 

She is loving:
 grabbing and holding on to things (including hair and sunburn shoulders)
 putting EVERYTHING in her mouth
being talked to / sung to
baby massage
 having her ears cleaned
the wash cloth during bath time
watching baby apps on my phone 

 Not so great things:
trimming nails (she puts up a really good fight)
rice cereal :(

The big thing this month has been her rolling from her stomach to back.  I didn't think she was interested in doing it at all but she surprised me. She has recently when from back to stomach now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Waihe'e Falls

It rained like I had never seen it rain here before....and for a long period of time.
That meant waterfall time!
We had been to these falls once before but it is so close to home that it was the deciding factor to be done again.
The start of the rushing water.
 This place has become extremely busy! A lot different then when we first came here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oahu Sunset

We hardly ever see a sunset living where we do. We see it going down behind the mountains, but never the true sunset beauty of it dissapearing and becoming dark. We were on the west side of the island close to the time the sun goes down, so we decided to take advantage and check it out.

 We put the Jeep to work a little.

 I'm hoping that this wont be the last true sunset we see before we move.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Crouching Lion

I really loved this one. A quick scramble up a incline for some amazing views

We didn't make it to the tippy top of this hike. I'm hoping to save it for another day when I'm baby-less.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The interesting parts of Hawaii

There are "interesting" people everywhere! 
But in the Hawaiian Islands, these "interesting" people are all stuck on an island with no where else to go so there seems to be a lot more here then the mainland.

Just a couple of "interesting" people I have come across in my years living here. 

Poor Guy!
I just don't think I would ever see this back on the mainland.
-my dad burnt down my frozen banana stand. anything helps-
 To each its own...I just don't feel that the color orange should ever be a color someone strives for.
 Only in Hawaii...that's for sure!
This isn't that different...but I thought it cute.
Owner really likes pink!
5 Lhasa Apso's in a stroller, walking down the busy street of Waikiki?
One of the most memorable signs I have seen. 
Hawaiian schools don't have be best reputation.
I just hope these people were just trying to be funny.

Little do I know, people might think I'm part of the "interesting" crowd.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby updates

Both my baby's had doctor appointments last week.

 Ill start with Emma.
She is doing great.
People say all the time how little she is...even from the doctor when he walks into the room. He says she is right on track though. Not big or small but just where she is suppose to be.
She weighs 12lbs 8oz now
24 inches
We talked about her starting rice cereal which I am pretty excited about. Emma is still having a difficult time sleeping throught the night. She has her good and bad nights but mostly leaning towards the bad. She has yet to sleep more then 4 hours without feeding.  I'm hoping that it with fill her tummy to give us both a more restful night sleep. 
She also received her 4 month vaccines.
She did well. Only a quick cry and it was over.
I gave her a little Tylonal before we left so hopefully that made her a more comfortable. She bruised where the shots were giving so her legs were pretty sensitive for a few days after.
We are still working on rolling over. She doesn't seem interested in it at all.
Also, I just bought her a amber teething necklace. Iv heard so much about it so we are going to test it out and see if it comforts her. 

On to the pup.
I had a few concerned with him lately.
First off, I knew he had a little ear infection so that had to be taken care of.
 Next was the spot on his tail that is loosing hair. Come to find out, a lot of male intact bully breeds get "stud tail". Doesn't affect him so that nice to no.
He has been having a few issues with blisters like spots on his paws. (you can see a little one in the picture above next to his pad) They puss and bleed sometimes so I was nervous about the diagnoses with this problem. 
That is whats been causing it.
I swear...we can never get away from allergy's. Sheba, now Bolo.
Changing food, and wiping paws after a walk will hopefully do the trick.
I had been putting hydrogperoxid on the spots before and it was drying them out. I think I'm going to start that again.
   Poor guy had his 3rd traumatic experience on Tuesday. Well maybe is was more traumatic for myself then for him. For yes, the 3rd time he has been attacked by the same dog that lives 5 houses down with a very irresponsible owner. This time Bolo was bleeding so I was pissed! Thank goodness Mike was with me on the walk. A stroller and two dogs going at it by myself would not have been a fun time. I look back now and wish I wouldnt have said a few things to this woman (owner) but it was the 3RD TIME! She should not be a dog owner if she plain out that dumb. Its as simple as not letting go of her aggressive dogs leash. That is it!
 We finally had to do something that we have never done before for any occasion. We called to report it. If there is a 4th time and something happens to her dog, we don't want to be the ones to be blamed.

Well, there ya have it. 
The update of my kids.
Nothing to serious thank god!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Summer time means jumping into the ocean and actually being able to snorkel freely without any crazy waves to worrie about. 
It was a touch murky at this spot but still a nice swim with a few Honu friends.

 This guy was HUGE! 
He actually kinda scared me a little when I first saw him (in the shadows) thinking it was something else.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Random Photos

Just a few random photos taken throughout the week.

Favorite time of the day

 Love these two!
 Tired of me trying to get her to smile
 I love this picture of Emma, but all I see is the torn up pillow behind her.
The washing machine ate it and I haven't sewn it up yet.
 He was a little bord with the low tide
I bought this hat for $1 on a website that I can not think of the name of.
 Lil Bow Peep?

Garden Walk

Wahaiwa Botanical Garden
 (pic courtesy of a friend)

(pic courtesy of a friend)