Saturday, August 30, 2014

Trying Pintrest Again

How cute is this baby!
I wanted Emma to be just as cute.
If you can remember, I don't have much luck duplicating Pins. 

I tried this two different times.
This is the second time.
 It turned out better so that's why I'm putting it first.
I wish there were more clouds in the sky.
I wish my stupid fence wasn't in the way.

This was out first try.
It was hard impossible to keep the mirror clean.

I guess they didn't turn out to bad, but I am going to give it just one more try. Waiting in till she can sit fully up on her own just might be the key.

Friday, August 29, 2014

who doesnt love a sunset?!?!

 Being at Spitting Caves feels like your on the edge of the world.
Its such a peaceful place with a perfect view to the end of the day show.
 Can I please be friends with someone that lives here!!!
 Its pretty much a no brainier how this place got its name.

 And then there are the abslute crazy people that like to jump! 
 And sadly there are more then a dozen people that have lost their lives here after the jump.
 Diamond Head in the distance makes the sunset that much more beautiful.

 Another memorable sunset that makes me feel so luck to call this place home...for now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

6 Months

I still can get over how fast these 6 months have went.
It makes me sad that her newborness has left and she is definitely a full blown baby.
~She is still quite small. Totally out of her 3 month pj's, 3-6 months are just now fitting perfectly. She is still wearing her 3 month onesies though.

~She has been dying to start trying foods. I will put the spoon/fork onto her lips (with nothing on it) and she will open the mouth with excitement. I'm so excited to start making her food. I have awesome cookbook that has so many good ideas. 

~Seeing something, wanting it and grabbing it has been all she lives for these days.

~She is still taking about 3-4 naps a day. They all depend on how active we have been thorough the day. She is a pretty light sleeper so that has been quite challenging.
Sleeping through the night has been non existent. I am up a ridiculous amount of times.

~She loves music. We sing and listen to a ton of different songs and each and every time she lights up with a smile.

~She has the most awesome belly laugh. cranberry's, tons of kisses all at once, lifting her above my head airplane style are all her favorite.

~All of her normal loves in the past, but her expressions are getting more and more fun to watch.
Bath time, in front of the mirror, dads voice, touching Bolo still make her very happy.

~ She is has started the "shy baby" phase with strangers.

She doesn't have her 6 month appointment till next week, so I am using my scale.
16 pounds

I just cant believe that half the year is gone. It has been the best 6 months of my life, that's for sure!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Photo Overload - 6 months

 Mike, Emma and I went to the park this past weekend to have a picnic.
I'm not sure a day can get more perfect then grilled chicken, mac salad and fresh fruit overlooking beautiful scenery with your family. (well except if Bolo was allowed to come...Hawaii has a no pet policy at parks. Don't ask me why, I donno)

(Emma wearing the hat)
I thought this onsie was just way to cute to pass up...even if it cost a arm and a leg.

The time when we hiked to the top
Hanging with daddy-o

Once again, I was trying to get her to wear the hat.
Its hard with a moving baby!

I cant think of a better place to take a nap.

The end to a perfect day.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

29 Years

I love photo shoots!
Especially when they involve the talented Marta Anthony!
I know they are always going to turn out AMAZING.

This is the last year of my 20's, and thirty is not the new twenty :(
I look back on the last decade and thank the lord I am still around. 
I was wild, and crazy, and more then half of the years...sad to say, I really don't remember.
I am happy with how I did things looking back now. I got all my insanity out of the way, which I think makes me a better wife and mother.

I just want to thank Marta for making me feel beautiful!

 Do you no how hard it was to narrow it down to just these! 

I highly suggest if you are a resident or going to be visiting Oah'u and would like beautiful pictures taken to contact Marta Anthony Photography.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kualoa Ranch take 2

A friend and I went to the Kualoa Ranch to tour the sites of the movies that have been filmed there.
Mike and had went to the ranch once before and did the ATV tour, but we weren't really able to take pictures (and you all no how much I love pictures) and we only stopped at 2 movie sites. 
This time was a lot different. 
I took a TON of pictures!
While you are waiting for your tour to begin there is a petting zoo to keep you busy.
What was really nice was that there was only 5 (6 including emma) of us on this huge bus so we didn't have to wait to long at each stop.
My little lady did a great job with everything going on.
(picture curtsey of a friend)
Godzilla (footprint), You, Me and Dupree, 50 First Dates, Mighty Joe Young (props)
 Famous tree stump
The mountain in the back is the tallest peak on the ranch.
Cant get enough of LOST
submarine, steam pump, Hurley's golf course and the VW Bus scene, light switch in the bunker
The bunker that the military used during the attack on Pearl Harbor
I wish I was able to explore
 It was a really nice tour. I'm glad I went back to see all the stuff we missed the first time.
Movies and TV Show filmed on the Ranch:
Jurassic Park.  Windtalkers.  Godzilla.  50 First Dates.  You, Me and Dupree.  Pearl Harbor.  Hawaii Five-0.  LOST.  Tears of the Sun.  Magnum P.I.  Battleship.  Pirates of the Caribbean.  Just Go With It. Karate Kid.  Journey of a Mysterious Island.  Off the Map.  Mighty Joe Young.

Maybe more?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

What a Weekend!!!

This weekend was quite busy for Emma and myself. Mike was off island so it was just the two of us.
 I took her to the Byodo-in Temple.
They were getting ready for a festival that morning so it was quite busy. We toured it fast so we didn't get caught in the crowds.
 Emma next to a huge Travellers Palm
 Such a peaceful place

We also stopped at a park to enjoy the fresh air.
 We sat here for a good hour just taking it all in.
Many tour buses came and went with lots of people jumping multiple times for their pictures. 
I could watch them for hours.
Emma also had lots of photos taken of her and not just by me. I find it a interesting when strangers come up to us and ask if they can take her picture.

Every weekend must consist of at least one beach outing.

We watched the wind surfers do their thang

 Discovered a new beach park that we will be frequent visitors of from now on.

We watch the sunset
 Like I have said before, we don't get to see a lot of sunset where we live because of the mountains.
Each one it truly special.

It was a pretty great weekend!