Thursday, January 29, 2015

More Randomness

Two thumbs up!

 A short hike that I only made half way. My fear (heights) ruined it for me again.

 Morning sun
 Such a good dog!
Another hike that we only made half way. A storm was brewing.
 Rain coming from all directions.

 Duck Pond
 Rainy Beach Day
 Adventure Baby

I have about 10 post just sitting in my draft folder. I cant seem to get myself together to finish them and then when I do, I have 10 more that I have to write.  That's why these "random" post are so easy to put together and catch up for me. There will probably be a couple more coming up.

Another Amazing Sunset....and a baby

I went to watch the sunset at a marina with a friend the other day. 
Not only is she a good friend...but she takes amazing photos also.
The reflection off the water was amazing.
I wish my photos would have captured it better.
 This little girl can not ever sit still!
 The marina is also a great place to watch the helicopters and planes.
 I never really watched / looked forward to sunsets before living in Hawaii.
 Now I cant get enough of them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Palolo Valley

This was such a awesome hike.  This area has 3 beautiful waterfalls and a amazing view if you make it all the way to the end.
I was saving this hike for when I didn't have Emma with me just because I knew I wanted to see all three but with our time dwindling in Hawaii I had to get it done even if I only saw one...and she was along for the ride. 
Into the jungle we went doused in bug spray. 

 We followed the pipe the whole way.

The first falls finally come into view.

 I was pleasantly surprised with how big these falls were.
 We hung out at the these falls for quite awhile and decided that we shouldn't risk going on. Emma was sick of being strapped to Mikes sweaty back so we headed back.
 I probably wont have a chance to head back into the valley to see the last two. 
I'm glad we made it to this one at least.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

getting old sucks!

I haven't talked to much on this blog lately about things that are happening in my life at the moment. I like to keep track of the good memories that we are having and not the ones that make me sad. But there is one thing in particular that is making my heart hurt a little. This little boy is not feeling so well.
 We are still trying to find the cause to his problems. 
The thought of moving him in a couple months is already making me bite all my nails off. 
I moved here with a 14 year old baby (Sheba)...and now I'm leaving with a 9 year old. 
At first I thought all of his symptoms were old age.
We used to not even be able to say the word WALK. He would start to go crazy with excitement. Now we have to motivate him just to put his leash on. 
Hes gained almost 20lbs from the extremely slow walks he wants to take.
There is moaning every single time he lays down or gets up.
He can no longer sleep in our bed, and the couches are getting difficult.
I thought all of this was arthritis. 
We put him on pills that did nothing. 

New symptoms have arouse (still including the old) so we took him back to the doctor.
He drinks a TON of water. I'm talking a TON!
So much water that he has been peeing while he is sleeping and has not even a clue. 
We go outside 50 times a day and twice during the middle of the night and it is still happening. 
He sleeps most of the day. No more toys are brought to me to throw. Hes not really in the mood to cuddle anymore.
Researching on my own all the symptoms pointed to diabetes.
But his blood work came back normal.
 He had been treated for a UTI because "maybe" that was it.

 The medicine for the UTI did nothing. He is still drinking like crazy so we tried a different doctor to get another opinion.  They put him on a different pain reliever.

 We still have no answers. 

I just want my dog back. The dog that feels good.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I didn't catch her actual "first" steps on video. This was taken today but yesterday was the day that it first happened. 
(excuse my messy house and homeless appearance)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Black Rock

 A quick scramble to the top of Black Rock had some amazing views of the west side.
I didn't go to the tippy top but I went high enough.

Parking was a little sketchy. 
Its not in the best area and there are a few people living in the bushes that are not in the right frame of mind.
But onto the hike...

 True beauty!

Friday, January 9, 2015

10 Month Update

I cant believe how late I am with this update. Emma turned 10 months 15 days ago. 
I mine as well be doing her 11 month update instead.
Lets just get into it!

Laying down for the pictures just isn't working anymore.

~She is a standing machine! 
She can balance for about 20 seconds on her own. She is so proud of herself with a smile ear to ear. I squeal excitement after so she tends to look for that after she plops back down.

~ Emma has been grinding her teeth. The worst sound EVER!!!

~This past month I had been having trouble with her wanting to eat in her high chair. I would go to put her in and she would have a fit, and after that eating would not happen.  She just cant sit still.

~Sleeping is still ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!
We are good on our morning nap time. Once ten o'clock rolls around on the dot she is ready to lay down. Most of the time she sleeps a good hour and a half.
Afternoon nap time is pretty nonexistent. Probably one out of ten times she will let me put her down for her only to sleep about twenty minutes. 
 Bedtime is still tourer. Seven o'clock is usually the time.  She wakes up about twice between 7-10 for me to rock her back to sleep. Once midnight hits she wants nothing to do with her crib anymore. She will fall asleep in my arms but the slightest movement of me putting her back down, all hell breaks loose. It is so bad that I have resulted to sleeping in the guest bedroom with her. I know that this is probably making it worse but I have to get some sleep! 

~She is such a smiley baby. 
Except the mentioned above situation with sleeping she is never unhappy.

~She doesn't mind her lower teeth being brushed but once you turn that toothbrush upside down she is not having it anymore.

~She has been loving the little crisp treats. 
They are like crack!
When I hand her one she squeaks and shakes her legs. She likes to shove the whole thing in her mouth or feed them to Bolo.

~She still hates bananas and peaches.

~She had a runny nose for what felt like forever. After her flu shot she got sick with a fever, lost her voice and had a suffy nose.  The nose started running for almost a month. I carried around the suction thingy with me everywhere... (update) She just received her flu shot booster and as of now no runny nose.

~She loves to spin in circles when she is excited. Sitting on the floor scooting around in a complete circle not once but a few times. The cutest thing ever!

~She has also been loving real food. 
I try to give her at least one real chewing meal a day. Usually its dinner. I'm trying to get over the messiness that she will be making with feeding herself.

~She totally has the clapping, shaking head and waving down. We have been working on high fives and blowing kisses.

I cant believe how fast these past 10 months have flown by.  I am excited about her toddler years but its definitely bitter sweet knowing I will no longer have a little baby.
She will always be my little baby in my eyes though.

Monday, January 5, 2015


My Gym time. 
 This particular day was pretty amazing in the treasure department.
 Winter time brings beauty in the sky. 
This day happens to bring double the pleasure.
 Even in the city there can be beauty
With the island Molokai to the left
Picnic in the park with the whole ohana

Friday, January 2, 2015

2 Dogs and a Baby

There is no mistaking how much Emma loves puppies.
 Off to adventure
 Four legged friends are always the best

I'm always so surprised how deserted this beach is even when it is this beautiful. 
 Its a good thing that all the tourists want to stay in Waikiki.
 Hammock time
 Pretty fantastic day at the water!