Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Cleveland Metroparks

My parents live very close to a section of the Cleveland Metroparks.
I grew up going here and wanted to do a little adventuring now that I am back.

I went during sunset  with Emma on my back

 Buttermilk Falls

I went a second time to let Emma explore a little...Oma came also

Hundreds of geese used to live here waiting for people to feed them. That is just what everyone did back in the day. Now there are numerous signs saying not to feed them and there were only a handful to look at.

I will probably be exploring a little more of this place while I am living so close.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Visit Home

The plan was to send Emma and myself home to Ohio and stay with my parents a month early because Bolo needed to fly out before May 15th. Being a "snub nose" dog, they are not allowed to fly in summer months. I wanted to settle Emma in a couple days before Bolo got there so we left 3 days before Mike put Bolo on the plane.

Lets start at the beginning. 8:30pm (hawaii time)
Emma and I left Honolulu on a night flight to Seattle. She slept the whole way.
We had a 3 hour layover where she was a crazy girl in the airport. 
Boarded a plane for Minnesota. Slept the whole way.
 Had another 3 hour layover.
Was again a crazy girl in the airport screaming and giving me a hard time. 
Boarded a plane for Ohio. Had to get off the plane because something broke as we were reversing. Waited over a hour to board another plane to Ohio.
She slept the whole way. (landed 8:30pm the next day eastern time)
I am just so thankful that Emma did not give me a difficult time on the flights to where I was apologizing constantly. 

Emma finally met her grandparents and Mikes side of the family. I feel so blessed to have so many people love her.

On to the reason why we flew home early.
Poor Boy.
I am sure it was such a hard flight for him. He has done it once flying out to Hawaii but he was still a young pup back then.
He flew out and had a really long layover in Texas. Something like 16 hours.
From what I understand, Texas is suppose to have a nice facility for animals that are flying yet I don't think they even took Bolo out of his crate once.
He was covered in pee. The pee pads had no more absorbancy left to them. He couldn't grip the bottom of the crate to stand up because it was all wet so I am sure he was laying in his pee for hours. They also instruct you to zip lock dog food to the top of the crate and secure it with tape and have a bowl for food and water in the crate for easy feeding, yet the food was not even touched. It was still taped just the way we left it.
I don't get why they would instruct this but not offer it.?.
I am just so glad I have my puppy. I could tell it was rough on him. He still hasn't had a appetite and he just wants to sleep.

We have now been in Ohio for 10 days. I don't have a car here so that has been a little rough. Its a good thing my parents have a nice backyard.

Mike will be flying in for a quick visit here in a couple of weeks and then we will head down to our new "home" to find a place to live.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Things I will NOT miss!

-The Bugs!
Mainly the roaches!
There are 19 different species! 19!!!
This is the most common... eek!

Honolulu is terrible, no matter what time of day!  
(top 5 worst in America)
Go to work people! 

-No Chick Fil A
I love the plate lunches and Huli Huli chicken here in Hawaii, but sometimes I just want a good ol chicken sandwich with large lemonade...and nuggets...and coleslaw...and waffle fries...and I could go on and on.

Last but certainly not least...
-Pig Hunting!
 Sounds a little funny but it is a really sad thing out here.
(I have a good friend that works at the Humane Society so I hear about all the sadness)  
I love my puppy so much and I could never keep him in a small crate and starve him so hes ready to kill.
I wish they would just use a gun and kill their dinner, not a poor little puppy dog.
 And what a terrible way to go for the pig.
Being bitten and pulled to death.
Talk about suffering!

I feel like my list is pretty small....that's because I had a great experience here and don't want to leave.

One Last Walk in the Sand

Emma and I are leaving this beautiful island in two days. 
Bolo will be flying out once just a couple days after us so this was our last beach day for the three of us.

Bolo and I sat and watched the waves while Emma picked up everything and brought it to show me.

We have a rough 23 hours coming up. 
Emma and myself have 3 flights we have to catch. 
I just hope I have enough snacks, toys and patients to land in one piece.

I feel like I had a good run living in Hawaii. I saw a good amount of what the island had to offer and I am content with having to leave. 
Deep down I wish I could stay forever though.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Killing Time

The beach towels have been shipped....The hiking shoes have been shipped....The portable grill has been there is not much to work with these days.
We are living with a temporary couch that is hard as a rock and a temporary bed that has plastic wrapped around it. Every time you roll over or in my case, check on a crying baby, it sounds like your popping bubble wrap. But we are making due. Actually by the time you are reading this I have already made it to my first destination. Mike is staying behind to finish up work and will join us in a couple weeks. 
But on to this post.

We decided to make one last trip to the zoo since we are not prepared to do anything else.
Every time I go to to places like this my heart hurts for these animals.

 She made a friend

 Petting Zoo
 This tank had fish in it bit Emma was to busy to notice

 Leaving you with Hawaii's state bird.
The Nene.
The rarest goose in the world