Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Charlie's Updates

I'm so disappointed that I haven't kept up with my little guys monthly updates. Going back on Emma's, the updates were either the day before or on the actual day she turned. 
Boy does it stink being the second child....I feel your pain! I am #2 also.  

I'm not going to really go back all the way to five months because I am terrible and never wrote anything down. So lets start with the present...8 months.  

Tends to make funny faces when eating apples and pears. He seems not to finish the baby foods that have them in it. 

Has an awesome back arch. I actually have to lay him on the floor and put both my feet on his shoulders just to change a diaper. Changing in public is crazy difficult. 

I can tell he is taking his time with certain things. Sitting up, crawling...he is just taking his good ol time. 

He is awesome at the army crawl. He does bring his legs up sometimes to crawl but he is way quicker the army way.

He is pulling himself up and standing a lot. 

He LOVES him some dog toys! I should have just bought him those instead of baby toys. Not that I let him crew on nasty dog toys but he always seems to make a run for them when they are on the floor. Cami seems to like to drop them right next to him also. 

Cords, shoes, paper, crayons....anything but actual toys, he loves.

He had croup for a night. Not really crazy bad like it could have been. I heard him coughing like a seal during the night. I took him in to the doctor the very next morning and they gave him meds. How in the world does anyone else make their child take medicine at this age. Charlie probably swallowed not even a drop. Spit everything out.

Hating his car seat and high chair. Being strapped in is no fun!

Still is waking up at least 5 time during the night. I have just come to the conclusion that I suck at teaching my babies to sleep.  I cant do the cry it out method. He just becomes even more hysterical the longer I let him go. Then there are boogers and he cant breath, or he trows up from crying.  It is what it is. I have 12 months more months of interrupted sleep if I nurse the same length then I did with Emma. I really think he wakes himself up every time he pees. And when I am nursing him back to sleep a couple times a night, that is a lot of pee.  It is also impossible for Mike to try to help. We have tried and Charlie continues to scream in till I come in. 

He loves being tickled. And I love tickling him. 

He loves watching and playing with his big sister. 

He has two teeth

Loving bath time and when we go to the pool. So much splashing! 

He takes two naps a day.  Usually around 10 and 1.

He has been talking lot this month. Lots of little screams here and there because I think he like the way it sounds. 

I love him so much and am so lucky. 

I really hope these upcoming months I can do a better job updating. I feel terrible that I have been slacking so much on this. There are so many posts I need to write about things we have been up to but when it comes down to actually doing it, I just want sit and do nothing. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


My little girl turned three! 
I have  three year old! 
please god help me
I cant believe it.
Its amazing all of the things she talks about and learns.
Kids really do say the darnedest things.
She sings her ABCs
Counts to 12
#1 on the potty like a pro...still having trouble with #2
Favorite foods are pasta, chicken, tomatoes, avocado, popcorn and ice cream.
She loves pretending to be a dog.
Loves to sing
She wants to help with everything.
 Really really into princesses.
Told me she loves Jack (a boy in her class)  :(
Daddy's girl for sure!
She wights 27lbs 6 oz and is 37 1/2 inches tall.
Picky about her drinks...only water, apple juice and pedi milk for this girl.
LOVES LOVES LOVES the color blue
With all of these amazing things that she has been doing and loving...there are always the not so wonderful things that go along with it.
When she really really wants something, the screaming and crying starts, but it doesn't end there. It goes to a extent of actually throwing up. She has yet to throw up in a store but has been pretty close.
She is the biggest drama queen.
She has trouble with the word stop. She will continue doing/ running and it almost gives me a heart attack.

A week before her birthday we took a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit the Aquarium there. I heard it was really nice and I knew she would enjoy it. Cincinnati is a three hour drive from our house so we were going to stay the night at a hotel and leave the next morning.
I always want to go to places like this on weekdays because crowed places are not really fun but Mike was not able to take off work and he has a really busy upcoming month and would not be able to come then either.  So Saturday we dropped Cami off at boarding and off we went. We get to the Aquarium 4 hours later ( not 3 cause that's how long it takes with kids) and come to find out...with one adult ticket one kid got in free. Can I just tell you...EVERYONE and their mother was there. You first had to wait in line to buy tickets, then they give you  assigned time that your group will be allowed to enter. So we had 2 hours to wait around in till we could go in. We had ice cream and walked around trying to keep everyone happy. Finally it was our turn and let me just say it was the worst mistake ever. We should have left and went to the zoo instead. Walking in a line, with people all around you, cant see anything at all is not a fun time when you pay a arm and a leg just to get in....let alone if you add that we boarded our dog, gas, hotel and food it was a very expensive activity to be so disappointing with it.
My only picture that I have of Emma with the fish that has no random people in it.
Disney on Ice was coming and it just so happened to be 3 days before her birthday.
We made it a momma daughter date.

We both had so much fun. 

I wanted to make something a little special for her class for their snack the day of her birthday and Pintrest is always such a big help. Her school is a little picky with what you can and cannot bring, so veggie straws, grapes and cheese sticks are what I came up with.

We went to Chucky Cheese and played our heart out.
After that we went to Panera Bread for a late lunch.

All she really wanted was a blue cake but I found one that was blue and had Anna and Elsa on it. Double win!

The last two or so months she had been really talking about her birthday. There must have been someone at school that had one and she remembers singing Happy Birthday and having a snack. I really would have loved to have thrown her her first party but I just wasn't sure. We would probably have invited her whole class, and the handful of people I know with children around her age, but I just didn't make a move on it fast enough.
Next year we will definitely be doing it up big.

 I am so grateful for this little girl. She gives me so much joy and laughter. Yes, she makes me want to pull my hair out at moments but I will take the frustration any day to have the happy times she brings. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I'm not going to lie. I have been dreading making a post on here for sometime time now because I cant seem to catch up. I feel like I have to put down everything in order of all the things that have been happening and fun stuff we have been doing, but that seem like months and months ago. I also have terrible memory so I have been brainstorming and looking at my Instagram to help.

With that said...Also...There is a huge problem. My hard-drive. My sacred hard-drive!  The absolute one thing besides my kids that I would save in a house fire. Everything is on it! I put my pictures and videos on monthly because that's how many I take, then I erase my phone or camera. I stopped putting pictures on CD's about year go and I hadn't gotten around to putting everything on the Cloud yet. Well...something terrible has happened to my hard-drive and we are now spending $$$ to have it repaired. So, in till then, I have no photos that I can show and write about except the most recent that are still on my phone. I need to write posts all the way back to Halloween, but I cant do that without my photos.  :(   I am so unbelievably sad about this. I have my fingers so tightly crossed that the tec guys can fix this problem because I cant even imagine loosing a year of my children growing up. Charlies birth, Emma's firsts, family memories, meeting family for the first time, holidays,...just everything.

So, I will start with what is still on my phone's SD card and cameras.

I take Emma to the ice skating rink every Friday because they have something called "totsicles". Its 5 years and under and they can go and run around on the ice and play for a hour. Then after there is hot chocolate, cookies and story time. She loves it. So I was thinking that we should actually try skates during a time when there is free skating.

She seemed to have a really great time skating. She only actually fell once...when Mike did also :)...

The kids and I went to explore a historic covered bridge that was built in 1875. They moved it to this location in 2001. 
Mud River Covered Bridge.

Who doesn't like babies in pajamas? 

Charlie saw his first snow while we were back home in Ohio for Christmas. 
He also got to meet one of his aunts.  <3
We have been doing quite a few hikes even though its winter.
 I cant even name them all.
I was extremely brave and took both kids sledding by myself.
 It wasn't even that bad. 
Emma actually only wanted to go down twice. The snow was too powdery and kept flying up into her face. 
She didn't like that.
Charlies first time sledding 
Crazy girl 
Emma is obsessed with lipstick. This day I got a little carried away. 
Babies in bed
Emma made her first "build a bear".   
Let me just tell you, that is one expensive bear! 
Char <3
 Tongue out everyday all day. 
 We took a drive to Beech Fork state Park. They drain the lake in the winter so there wasn't much to look at. We spent most of our time on the playground but I did see the camping area. We will be coming back during summer for that. 

The joys of being a younger sibling. 

That's all I am going to put up for now. I am hoping I will be able to update more if they are able to recover my photos. This is like the worst thing besides death, sickness, injury...that I could think of. Every are everything to me. I take probably 50 a day and that's on a day we don't really do anything.  I have countless hours of video. Countless!!! I really have no other word to describe how I am feeling about this than 'devastated'. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Santa Visit

 This year went so much better then last! 
I ordered a package that is shipped from Santa and that seemed to really help with Emma not being scared of him.  
It comes with a phone call and video free of charge so that was fun to personalize to her. She LOVED it! 
We talked a lot about what she was going to say if he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and if she was a good little girl this year. 
Here...she is telling him she would like Elsa. 
 I knew Charlie was going to do great.
 It is next year and the year after that he is going to put up a fight.  

Throwing Up Christmas