Friday, June 29, 2012

Stalker Alert!!!

Yes, I am a stalker!
I look at it as my "Hawaiian Experience" tho. It makes me feel better about it. 
Its funny though how close I live to these places.

Dog the Bounty Hunter show was cancelled but it is still pretty cool to see where the show was filmed. I guess there is a shop in the back of the building that sells souvenirs. I didn't look at it but......

I did go past his house! :)
Its on a dead end road that is absolutely beautiful! Humungo homes of course!

(FYI... I didn't drive over here just to take a picture of this gate. I was in the area picking up Sheba's pills and I knew that he lived over in this direction.. so I looked him up)

  I know that this is a terrible picture, but being a busy road it was kinda hard to point, shoot and drive.

President Obama lived here with his Grandma for a little bit when he was younger.

OK, stalking is over....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yesterday's Outing

   I tried "snow" yesterday.  Ummm.... Not really sure about it. Interesting is a good word. I ordered the pineapple flavor.  It had paprika sprinkled on the top!???  If I do ever go again, I would probably go for more common flavor like vanilla or strawberry. (even tho the strawberry comes with red beans on top of it?)

   Myself, a friend and her daughter went to the Friendship Garden after our weird snow.

   On my ride home, I pulled over to this scenic lookout. Iv been to all of them on then Pali except for this one, so I said why not. It was of a cemetery. I'm not sure which one yet. (wasn't that interesting)

Monday, June 25, 2012

A little more of the weekend

 We walked past Queen Kapiolani's Garden on our way to Diamond Head. It was a really small garden (next to the zoo) that needed to be watered.

  After Diamond Head, we stopped to check out the Volkswagen Car Show.

   We finally took a dip in our hotel pool. We never took advantage of it because we always went to the beach , but they finally repainted it (much needed) so while the laundry was drying we went out. We felt like we were breathing in paint fumes but it was still very refreshing.
We also made our way to the 50th State Fair. It was the last day that they were having it so it was pretty crowded.

We only rode the Ferris Wheel.  It was $8 just for the two of us to go around 3 times.   Not worth it!

I was scarred...


Played some games....
 They had pig racing, a petting zoo and a lion show. We only saw the circus tho.

 Bolo was happy with the stuffed animal I won for him. It's insides are now all over the floor.

I felt we definitely had a fulfilling weekend.

Diamond Head Hike

   Living in this hotel for 3month, only 2 miles away from Diamond Head, Mike and I finally decided it was time to see it. We walked over early in the morning on Sunday but not early was still packed with vacationers.

 View of Waikiki. 

(It was really windy up here so please excuse the hair)

4 Wheeling Fun

    Getting a phone call from work on Friday evening changed our plans a little for the weekend.   She (manager) wasn't going to have me come in for my first day on Saturday because she was not going to be there. She didn't want me to be totally lost on getting situated with things so my first day is now on Tuesday.

    Mike and I decided to take the 4wheelers out Saturday morning for the first time. We have had the ATV's for a while now but hadn't had a chance ride yet because there was always something stopping us on the weekends. We are also storing them in a friends garage on base so just getting to them takes time. (30min just to get to base) The track is also about a hour away (when you know where you are going) so when we got there it was already packed with motocross bikes. Having 400 acers
to ride through made it easy to share the trails though.


The views were beautiful of course.  I hadn't seen them from the North Shore yet.

  Only flipping the bike once and hitting a tree (HARD) was pretty good...(NOT) till I felt like I couldn't control it anymore. I thought it was because of the 3 hours of riding (my arms were soo tired).  Mike started to get frustrated (and so was I) about always having to get off his bike and pick up mine to be put back on track... then he realized that when I hit the tree I bent back the rim which made the tire flat which made the steering terrible.


So riding was cut short. Now we have to buy a new rim. :( And this was the "good" bike. (The other bike needs a little bit of TLC too)


 Bath time after riding. It was much needed!

  So sore the next day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Family Housing.
  Thank you so very much for finally having a house for us. It took way to long and you really should think of a better way to do your selecting. How long you have been married to your spouse should not have been the way you determine who get the next house. It should all be fair. Once you are at a number, the only thing that should happen it to go down... not up, down, up, down again. (We still have friends that have been on the list longer  but got married later then us and they are not even close to being number 1) Its just not fair!

Dear Wardrobe.
   Please fit me. I am so excited to wear all of you again but will be royally pissed off if I cant!

Dear New Job.
   Try to be nice. Being new is hard because you don't really have anything to do in the beginning. Also, working with girls and being the "new girl"  is not always the easiest. 

Dear Landlord.
I am excited to let you know we are OUTTA HERE! 

Dear Insurance Company.
Thank you for being so quick to get me a rent a car. Now please do not jip me on what my car is "really worth". We are good costumers and deserve the full amount. 

Dear Guy that Hit Me.
I forgive you and I hope your OK.

Dear Husband.
Thanks, I love you

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Bird

  A few days ago, I took the pups out to our normal spot. Its a park that is right where we are living that always has lots of people/dogs hanging out. Well as Bolo was doing his business I noticed 2 birds going absolutely crazy above in the tree that I was standing under. Well come down to it their baby fell out of the tree and I was about to squash it. It was just sitting there, so helpless. It looked like it wasn't hurt, just still to young to fly away. So I thought that it would be OK and he would be gone in the morning.
  Well the next morning he was still there. So being that I cant just leave a helpless animal and the whole thought it would haunt me for the rest of the day,  I called the Humane Society, and of course they told me to bring it in, (but we all know what would have happened if I did). They gave me the number to a Wild Bird Rescue but they were not helpful at all either. She told me that if I could not care for it, then just take it to the Humane Society. So I scooped the bird up in a Pop Tarts box and was about to take a drive over (I would rather it be put to sleep then be stepped on, run over by a trash cart/lawn mower, eaten by a dog or starve.) Just as I had it in the box, a lady that live in our hotel that has 2 dogs of her own came over to see what we were doing. She said that she has raised birds in the past and would be willing to help it. So I felt so much better!
She sent me this picture last night.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not so Wordless..... Wednesday

Mike brought me home a birthday cake last night. Smallest one I had ever seen but it sure was yummy!

 After 3 months of having to eat out in what seems like the most expensive state ever, I broke down and decided it was time to buy a cook top. Every time I use it I feel like I'm going to catch the place of fire but we are making do and saving $.

Mike and I always drive past this place and there are swarms and swarms of people lined up just to get into the doorway. We stop to see what the fuss was about. 

They are known for their Malasadas, so I ordered a coconut and a guava. Mike isn't as adventurist so he got 3 originals. Pretty good. Nothing to die for though.

Just a little update on Mama. She is doing so much better. She has started following us around (getting in the way) and also begging for food. During the day she still sleeps a lot but around dinner time she is up and about like she a young pup again. She will probably be on her expensive medication for the rest of her life but as long as she is feeling good, so be it.