Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tomorrows the Day!

Finally.... the day is here!
I cant belive it!
I really thought it was never going to come!
9 1/2 loooong months!
Tomorrow we will officially have a place to call home.

   I scheduled our shipment to be delivered on Monday so we will be camping out in till then on our new couch. (That's OK with me though...get me out of here!) We ordered our satellite TV installation soon after that but because the internet is different out here, that wont be installed till the middle of next month. What am I going to do without Pintrest? I could always look at it with my phone, but its just not the same.
   It feels good to cancel our P.O Box and change all of our bills to the new billing address (on second thought...not the bills) I drove past our house yesterday and the chairs on the front porch are gone and it got me so excited! Mike and I were going to do a DITY move but I cant seem to find a weigh station around here. I had found about 7 different places on the internet that "says" they do it, but when I call they say they don't. (The internet is such a lair.) I called the Family Housing to see if they know of any place but they were no help either. I think we might just chalk it up and forget about it. If I were to find a place it would probably be totally out of our way anyways. 
   Hopefully work goes quickly. Mike and I are going to have one last nice dinner tonight in Waikiki. (probably our favorite spot sense we wont be back for awhile) The puppy's already had there bath so they are nice and clean for the new place. Its going to be so nice just to let them out in the back yard instead of taking them down 3 floors, across the street while dodging people that want to stop and pet them or talk. (I love that everyone wants to say hello to them but sometimes I don't have time for that) 
   Good bye to the online community for a little while. When I get back, I will be a happy camper with probably a lot to say!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Link Up

I'm linking up with Breanna over at My Beautiful, Crazy Life.
1. What is your biggest phobia? 
  Falling to my death probably. I am so absolute scared of heights that it is ridiculous. Things that should not be scary, are to me.  The top of a 5 step latter, balconies, and escalators. So stupid but I think about my legs giving out and me tumbling down.

2. If you could relive any day of your life, what would it be and why? 
  There really isn't a day that I would totally live again really...kinda sad. If I actually would have had a big wedding, that would probably be the day. I'm waiting to win the lottery or have a child...those would be pretty good days.

3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? 
  I really liked 26.

4. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? 
  This is a hard one because I don't think I look like her at all. (maybe just the hair)  ! I have been mistaken for Shannon Doherty.
5. What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?
   This Years Love- David Grey
   Simple Love Song- Anuhea
   Shots,Shots,Shots- LMFAO
Now go link up and have some fun too!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


   This last weekend in Waikiki was spent mostly at home or running errands. Because we probably wont be back here for a good month or 2 (we need to detox from the busyness a little) we stuck around and did a few things we haven't had a chance to do yet.
    Saturday we had dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse with one of Mikes buddy's.  Yummy! Expensive night with our 4 course meal plus drinks but well worth it.  The waiter brought out flaming strawberry's for our last plate. Not quite sure why my camera didn't want to capture the flames?

 Sunday Morning we headed out early pick up some things on base. Getting to my car (the only one in the parking lot) swarmed with pigeons that don't ever get out of your way. The birds here are crazy!  Luckily no poo...

      A little bit ago, we found a couch that we really liked at the base furniture store. We looked around at a few other places but never found one that compared. We stopped by the store today and finally bought it. Lets just hope Bolo treats it well. Its hard to teach a 7 year old puppy to stay off the couch when all along it was OK.

After base we went to the Ala Mona Mall. This mall has everything you could ever want in it. We got some really cute things that we didn't need.

  After, we headed to the beach for a little boogie boarding. It was rainy, but that just made the waves higher and more fun to ride.

   There are still just a couple of things that we need to do before we leave. Hopefully Mike will be a willing participant in the things I have in mind.   

 Tomorrow I have A LOT of running around to do and also a TON of phone calls to make a few things clear.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gold Member

  The new whip!
The 2 things that I really wanted...she is not (manual & black or white)
It sure will be fun to have the top down though!

Car Delemma

    Being someone that actually likes cars, I'm having a hard time choosing my next one. We finally got the money from the insurance company today and now we are in a rush to pick one, and buy it. We were given a lot more then what I thought we were going to get for it (which is great!) but I would be so stupid to use all of it. Living in Hawaii for the past 5 months with only one paycheck has been a little tricky, (and also the 4 months before that....not to mention Mikes "toy" buying purchases) on our bank account.
     Lets just say "Fast and Furious" has always been my type of car. Instead of buying the reliable, sensible, safe automobile I would always look at the Turbo, V8, Super Sport. Well...this time I'm needing to be realistic. No more 2 door coupes that get me in trouble with my heavy foot. Having room for a family is more important then winning the race between the person next to me at the stop light that isn't even trying to race.
   We probably are only going to have this car for the 3 years that we are here. I am pretty much only going to be driving it on base back and forth to work... and the 25mph base speed limit is not that much fun. There are a good amount of cars to choose from on Craigslist, its just hard to choose one that has over 100,000 miles on it (in my price range they all seem to do). I have actually never driven a car that someone else has owned so I am thinking that once they sign the title over, it will need to be taking to the shop for repairs. Ever sense I was 17, I have owned 2 cars and have had a car payment with both. (give or take some of my dad paying for some payments on my first car...Thanks dad) We are now choosing to spend our money elsewhere  rather then paying monthly to the bank.
    So as of right now, we are heading to look at a option after Mike gets off work. Its nothing special, just 4 tires and a motor but I'm excited to have a new ride. Hopefully this is the one so we can stop thinking about how we are going to get each other to work/pick each other up.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Betty White,
(mikes jeep)
Thank you for getting me safe and sound to work everyday. Even tho you don't have any airbags, your odometer and gas gauge doesn't work, your seat belt cuts off circulation from my wast down, you have no air conditioner, you don't want to go into 1st and 2nd gear...ever, and your such a bumpy ride. Mike loves you and that means I do too. You really proved that you still are tough even at your age (30 years)

Dear Landlord,

Dear Teddy's Big Burgers,
I will miss your good smelling food every time I walk out of our room. Living in the same hotel as you has cost me 5lbs but it was worth it.

Dear Bolo and Sheba,
I am so excited that you will finally have a house to live in rather then just a room. Even though the fenced in back yard is small, it will be better then nothing. You will still have your walks everyday but being able to just lay in the sun without me there will be nice.

Dear Bolo,
Try not to be known as the jerk on our new block. You need to make friends and when your trying to be a tough guy all the time, other pups don't like that. Your 7 years old now and it is time to grow up!

Dear Big Brother,
(tv show)
I'm glad your back!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Updates

    Uggg... I'm just so frustrated with my car situation! Saturday, it will be 4 weeks sense the accident and I still don't have the money from the insurance company. They payed for 1 week of my rent-a-car and that was it. It is not my fault that they are taking FFFOOORRRREEEVVVEEERRR to get my payment out to me. We are constantly calling the company to see how the progress is going. They have my paperwork but they still don't have it all put together I guess. I'm really just getting tired of driving with my husband to work at 5:00am (45 min away), drop him off, drive home in rush hour traffic and then him have to wait for me till I get off at 7:00pm. I know we have been spoiled having the ability to have two cars, but coming from 2 to 1 makes me realize how different our schedules are. Mike is also going to be at the range all next week so that means driving to the other side of the island which I am dreading. Last I heard, we should have our money by Friday, but they also said that last week too though so I don't believe anything till I see the number in the bank.
   10 more days till our big move!!! I am so overly excited to finally get out of this place! I scheduled our movers to come 3 days after we move in (because of the weekend) so we wont have anything in the house till then. We payed for this hotel till the end of the month (just in case something went wrong with the house) so if we need to stay here, so be it. I said that to Mike and he laughed at me. He said he would rather camp out in the house with nothing in it then stay in this place any longer (I agree) so I guess that's what we will be doing. We do still have to buy a couch, so maybe we will at least have a place to sit for those few days. I'm not going to miss eating with plastic plates and silverware, that's for sure! Waikiki has been so much fun, but we are now sick of never being able to find a place to park or walking through all the crowds of slow walking tourists. It was really fun in the beginning, maybe for about a month, but we are over it. What I think I will miss is the hot summer days here. On the Windward side it always seems to be raining and cloudy. Its OK though... Ill take having my stuff back and a yard for my dogs to run around rather then getting a nice tan. These 10 days are probably going to feel like the longest EVER!
   Work has been going well. The girls are really nice and helpful teaching me how this salon runs. Tonight with be my first night "closing" the salon by myself. There was a girl that worked the later hours with me but her last day was Saturday. So hopefully I will remember what she showed me. We will just see how it goes.
     Mike has had a amazing opportunity for that past month and a half. It is now coming to a end and I am hoping that this experience has made a impact on his career. I am so proud of him.
   Other then all of this, not much else has been happening.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pillbox Hike

    Mike and I went to Lanikai and did the Pillbox hike today. I read that it was pretty easy with some beautiful views, and they were right! Going there I thought that this hike wasn't going to be that popular.... I was wrong... Lots of people there which meant that you were waiting for them and they were waiting for you to make the trek up. Loose gravel and dirt meant careful steps but other then watching your feet, it was amazing.

   The first Pillbox.

Mokulua Islands

Second Pillbox

 I cant wait to live in Kailua so we can do this hike more often!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Swap!

A little while ago, Nicole from Flip Flops and Combat Boots held a summer swap link up. I was partnered up with the lovey Wendy from Life of Me, We exchanged summer goodies and this is what I received.
 Ankle Bracelet
 Flip Flops
 Pot Holder
 Kitchen Timer
 Owl Slat n Pepper Shakers
 Silly String
 Summer Cup
Wendy hit it right on the mark! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all my goodies!!!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th

  The 4th of July was surprisingly spent doing nothing really. It was kinda nice. We met up with friends at the Hawaii Five-O lounge around noon (it was 5 o'clock somewhere). Had some yummy drinks and bounced around to different places after that.

  I was kinda disappointed with the fireworks. For some reason I didn't feel like that they were very ooh and aww. They were really short and the grand finally consisted of them shooting 5 fireworks at one time and then....that was it. It might have been my fault though. Having a few cocktails, might have disoriented my judgement of how good they were. 

It was definitely a long day and night, but it was a good time. Work was a little ruff this morning.

Friday Letters

Dear New Job, 
Thank you for being such a easy transition.  Having such nice people that work there has been a big help. I already feel like I fit in and will be successful.
Dear New House,
I am overly excited to pack you with all of my stuff.  I just hope you will be ready on the 20th like they say you will.
Dear Tooth That Has Been Bothering Me,
I just had a check up a little bit ago and there was nothing wrong. What the heck. I like cold beverages and right now I look like a idiot trying to keep the liquid to one side.
Dear Real Housewives (Bravo TV)
I cant stop watching you even though I think you all are so annoying.
Dear Alcohol,
I have had enough of you lately. I tired of feeling like crap the next day so I think I'm going to cut back on you for now.
Dear USAA,
Please...Deposit our money already...I need to buy a car so I don't have to carpool with my husband at 4:30am just to be at work by 9:00.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

It dosent get better then this!

   Gotta love beach day! We haven't been in a little bit and I am starting to look a little pasty so I made it a for sure thing to do today. 

   I just started the 3rd Hunger Games book. I sat on this towel for 3 hours... taking short breaks to go for a swim.... and then my kindle died.


   After the beach, I walked down to the War Memorial. Every time I go past its always on a walk with Bolo (dogs are not allowed) so I wanted to check it out. I had read that they were going to be closing it soon I wanted to go before they did that. Sadly I was too late. 

4th of July Parade

   Mike an I headed to the end our street to watch the 4th of July Parade yesterday. Yes...another parade. I feel like I have seen one every weekend sense we moved to Waikiki.
 This parade was really short with mostly congress people waving in nice cars. Of course they had all the branches of the military but other then that...not to much was happening. Kinda disappointing.

After the Parade, Mike and I walked to the Hard Rock to meet people for dinner. On our way, I just had to take a picture of this crazy woman's stroller. I had seen her before but never with all of the dogs in it. Usually she is walking all 7 or 8 of them down a busy road with their leashes all twisted and tangled. Interesting hu?

 On another note. Mike and I are still waiting for our car insurance money to go through. I had a rent a car but had to give it back because the insurance only pays for it for 7 days. So living 45 min away from our work on different schedules with only one car has been a little rough. Doesn't really make sense that we have yet to receive the money and are waiting on them, but they only pay for 7 days for the rental. Anyways...
Mike has been addicted to Craigslist and found some really nice options so I'm hoping that USAA will hurry it up already.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thoughts of Home

This is just a givin
 Don't get me wrong I am loving the 808 area code all the way, but I  wish that there were certain things that I could have taken here with me. 6 months down already, about 2 1/2 years to go...missing these things.

Nothing compares

Fun times at the games

Our usual spot.
Such a fun place! HUGE bar outside right on Lake Erie. Dock your boat and go head in.
I have no words for how unbelievable this sandwich is.

I have yet to celebrate a St. Paddy's Day that comes even close to the way Cleveland does it.
This is going to be missed this holiday season.

Tailgating before the game

Listened to them every morning on my way to funny!
 I guess Ill just have to live with these things being memories from now on.