Sunday, November 30, 2014


I am lucky enough to have a friend...that has a friend that works for...actually I don't really no. But what I do no is that he has a KEY that opens a gate to the road that takes you to the TALLEST PEAK ON OAHU!
4,025 feet
 From what I have read, Mt. Ka ala is a 8 mile hike one way. I had chalked it up to never being done because that is a loong way...with a baby. 

 The road is paved the whole way with tons of twists and tuns....and cows...and peacocks
After about a 20 min drive to the top we were amongst the clouds.
Off to explore
 There are things that can be found here that you can only find on Mt. Kaala
 dew cover spider webs are all over

 I had to turn back after awhile because Emma wasn't to happy. 
She was hungry.
But when I got back to the car the clouds disappeared.
 Leeward View
North Shore View

 I feel so luck to have been able to see these amazing views of this beautiful island.
Emma has now been to the top of the largest peak on the Big Island (in my belly) and Oahu.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our Thanksgiving

 The difference between wearing a tutu and not.
 She made her first Thanksgiving shirt...with mamas help.

Thanksgiving started out with a sunrise covered by clouds.
We pretty much did our normal routine in the morning. Took Bolo for a walk, straightened up the house and played with Emma.
Afternoon time rolled around and I started making our meal. We decided to stay home this year for Emma's first Thanksgiving. 

(While her dinner was being prepared...daddy decided to give her a bag of cough drops to play with.) 
  We aren't a huge fan of turkey so I just made a ham this year.
This is the first year that I had everything hot and ready to eat all at the same time. It was a miracle. Usually one thing  gets cold while waiting for another dish to be done. That is why I am jealous of people with two ovens.

We stuffed our faces, put our pjs on, pigged out on pumpkin rolls and called it a night.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hawaiian Sunrise

I am up way before the sun. 
Emma is definitely a early riser so I mine as well take advantage and start the day with some beauty.

 The island of Molokai in the distance

Relaxing Days

At least twice during the week I like to take Emma to the park for some fresh air.
We like to try a new park whenever we have the time to explore.

With summer being all year round, we take full advantage of being outside!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunset ontop of KT

Watching the sunset on Oahu is a long outing when you live on the east side of the island. The Koolau mountain range blocks the sun as is sets. In order to see it you have to leave a hour early to drive towards the busy town of Honolulu, or you can drive west which means you will have to leave even earlier to not miss the show. 
On the windward side there are always pretty rays that shine through the mountains as the sun is going down. I decided to walk up a small hill on the Marine base to get the best seat.

 Sadly there was no pinks and purples for this sunset but it was still very pretty.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Emma goes to the Dole

We drove north a little while ago. Our destination was the Dole Plantation.
 We just walked around instead of doing the activity's that they offer.
Either they just picked all the pineapples or there were not any blooming. 
It takes about 2 years for a pineapple to grow so its a slow journey.

He first taste of dole whip. Don't judge by her face. It is really good!

Feeding the crazy fish

Another good weekend trip. Along with my triple chins.
1st trip here
2nd trip here

Monday, November 17, 2014

My First Love

My heart has a piece missing. My sweet girl that I have loved for 15 years has passed away. I was praying that she could have been able to hold on for a little bit longer for me to have said my good byes.
She was unbelievable. She was the sweetest little girl ever.
I remember like yesterday. 1999, the summer going into my freshman year in high school. Seeing both my parents sitting in the car to pick me up from cheerleading practice. I knew something was up because they both usually didn't come.  We drove a pretty long ways away, or at least it felt like that to come to a home with to many dogs. I like to think that we had saved her. We picked out our baby at 5 weeks old (i no that is to young but she was already taken away from her mother) and headed home. The best $75 purchase ever. From the very beginning, she was meant to be part of our family. Such a smart, loving little girl.  I used to play this silly game with her. I would put some spices in plastic wrap and hid it in the car. Id tell her to find a drug dog. Or making her sit patiently in another room while I would hide her favorite toy somewhere around the house. She always knew where it was and was so excited to bring it back squeaking it like crazy.  All the tricks she knew.  My mother teaching her to say "ma-ma".  Her and I racing up the stairs. She always new when I said 'on your mark, get set, GO'. She sounded like crazy nut dog as we ran. Barking like she was a 100lb because she thought it made her run faster.   
She has been through so much with me. Sleeping together growing up. Sleeping without me when I was going through my crazy years after high school and still forgiving me through that stage of life. I wish I could have done things differently. Selfishly I would have loved to have brought her with me when I moved. She loved my mom and dad and it would have been just as hard for them had I done that.
She was the best thing that happened to my family.  
Home is not going to be the same. Home was where the tail wags were and a wet nose touching your leg as you eat. The place where you had to step over large stuffed animal laying in the middle of the floor with Toby sucking on it. Christmas time when she got wayyy more gift then anyone else. She loved to open all of the gifts herself even if it didn't have her name on them.  Not one family photo without her.  Cuddling with floppy ears and soft fur. The tail that goes around in circles instead of back and forth. The treat that you give her that she will pretend to bury in the corner. Forgetting her name while walking in the backyard. Nose down tail up.
 And who could forget about her bark. A beagles bark is special thing.
I am so thankful for this little girl and she will be missed like crazy.  

June 1999- November 12, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Sensory Fun

Another activity was in the works this week.
She once again had a great time.

Its going to be nice when she can actually play with things and no not to put them in her mouth. 
We will have a lot more options on what to touch and feel, but for will do.

and because he can never get away with not being involved...
Other fun times we have had

Sunday, November 9, 2014