Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Preparing Bolo

This is the setting as I write this post.

Bolo is my child. 
I talk to him constantly, kiss him like crazy, and cuddle with him nightly. (wow, I sound nuts)
Except for the 4 years that Sheba became our second fur baby, he has pretty much been an only child.
Hes been introduced to a couple children throughout his life...but never for an extended period of time.

I have worked with Bolo ever since I came into Mike's life knowing that it is in his best interest to annoy the crap of of him. I pull on his ears and tail, poke and pinch...all of that not too hard of course, but I want him to be OK with whatever happens to him, 
and he is! 

This next month is going to be the last month of his only child days. Of course more attention will be given to my daughter, but I'm hoping with me staying home we all can adjust quickly to the new arrival. A couple more walks (then hes used to) and relaxing beach days are going to be our schedule for the first few weeks...or maybe months, not really sure yet so I'm hoping that he will be content with that. 

Iv read a few ways to get your dog ready for the change, but in my life I really don't think much will be different. As I nurse or just hold my little girl, he still going to be laying next to me on the couch, still watching me cook dinner while she is in her swing, and still cuddling at bed time when she is napping.

I'm hoping this will all go as smoothly as I am picturing it in my mind. 

If anyone has any tips or tricks that worked for you to make the adjustment, Id love to hear.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pro Bowl 2014

Mike wasn't able to make it last year when we bought tickets, so it was a must that we bought tickets this year and tried again. 
 There are also rumors that this might be the last Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

It was an ugly day.
The game was different this year. They had a draft instead of the set American league and Nation league. So there were players from the same team on different teams....did that make sense?
Deion Sanders's team vs. Jerry Rice's team
Fall Out Boy was the half time show.
Team Rice ended up beating team Sanders 22 to 21.
They said that over 47,000 people showed up. Hopefully that will make them not cancel next years game here.
Even with the rain the WHOLE ENTIRE game, we still had a great time.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bishop Museum

The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum is the place that holds the history and culture of the Hawaiian People. 

 Just a few things I thought were really interesting...

 They have the exhibit of Ni‘ihau Shell Lei's there right now.
Ni'ihau is known as "The Forbidden Isle".
Its the 7th largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Population : 130 people.
Its a privately owned island that you pretty much need a invitation to if you wanna step foot on it. 
(most of the people that live there are Native Hawaiian)
No telephones, cars, roads, pluming or stores. English is the second language.
On this small island (and only island) is where these tiny shells wash up during winter months. 
These lei's are worth Thousands and Thousands and Thousands of dollars because the shells are so rare. 
Hair Necklace's are usually made from a relative close to you or a enemy killed in battle.
This sword is made from Tiger shark teeth...
in the description it says that it was used in war and also to kill Tiger sharks.
That would suck to be killed by your own body part!
These robes were for royalty. 
Made with bird feathers.  
I heard a guy giving a tour say that the more yellow that were in them, the higher your rank.
Tattooing tools.
 War weapons
 and fishing hooks. 
 They had a crazy amount of shells on display.
This one is from Lanai.
 This Sperm Whale has been hanging in this museum for over 100 years. 
It is known as the first of its kind in any museum in the world. 
Pretty cool stuff in this place!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Last Weekends Concert

Last year I wrote about this being the best concert I had ever been to.
We heard that they were coming back to Oahu this year so we jumped on tickets once again.

 We stayed in the far back where it was safe.
 I do have to say, last year was better.
I don't know if it was the venue, or just because I'm at a different "stage" of life.
Layzie also wasn't there so the group wasn't whole.

We had a good time though. Lots of people wearing their Cleveland gear (Browns & Indians), so it was nice to see we aren't the only C-towners in Oahu.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Diapers & Wipes Galore

I love baby showers!
I love looking around at all the cute things the stores have for baby's these days.
I usually go overboard because I cant choose one gift from another.

I had been asked by a few friends if they could throw mine...ekk!
Let me explain.
 I feel funny when people buy me things, and I'm not a huge fan of the "attention" that a party comes with. I never had a wedding shower, except for a little get together with my coworkers from my last job and that was so great, but still it becomes a little uncomfortable when all eyes are on me and they are using their hard earned money at my expense.

A couple of Mikes coworkers knew (because of their wives) that I wasn't thrilled about a baby shower for myself, so they decided to have a guys night instead for him. 
So what it came down to was a poker/cigar/beer/diaper party. 

It was so nice that everyone got together and did this for us.
 I'm not sure how long this stash is going to last, but it definitely looks like a good start.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oneawa Hills Trail

This was such a amazing hike! I'm kinda pissed I hadn't done it sooner with it being so close to my house.
Oneawa Hills or Kawa'ewa'a.
Its a ridge hike with lots of rocks, ropes and mud.

Parking one car at the end of the hike before you start the trail is HIGHLY recommended.
This hike is about 3ish miles one way, so if you don't have that second car parked at the'll just be turning around going the same way you came, but it will probably be even harder of a trek. 

The hike starts at The Friendship Garden

 Overlooking Kaneohe and Kaneohe Bay (my home).
 Overlooking more of Kaneohe and the Koolau Moutains.
Great cellphone service!

Overlooking Kaapa Quarry dump.
My hiking days are quickly coming to a end. I have one more in mind that we need to do before the baby is due, but other then that, I'm thinking that it might not be such a good idea to be on the top of a mountain when my water breaks.

Monday, January 20, 2014

4D Sonogram Re-do

I went back to my 4D Sonogram appointment. 
Last time we had no such luck with baby's position.
This time was a little better.
They took about 20 pictures of her face and 2 videos. She once again wasn't very active at the time of day that we went. She is crazy in the morning and at night, middle of the day not so much and our appointment was at 1:00 (same as the last time too).
They say it helps to drink water before you come, and I drank a TON but it still didn't help wake her up.
They did measure her though which was nice to finally hear how big she actually is. I haven't had a ultrasound at my doctors in awhile so I really had no idea, except for the app on my phone telling me what she is "suppose" to be.
She is 4lbs 11oz.
 Her hand was at her face pretty much the whole appointment.
The lady also talked about her lips a lot. I'm not sure if that's just her spiel to everyone or if they were really a lot different then what she has seen before.
We received more conformation that she is a little lady so that was a sigh of relief. I cant even imagine when you prepare for one gender and it comes out the opposite.

Overall, it was nice experience to actually see her as a "baby" in my belly. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

33 Weeks

Iv mentioned it a few times before, I have been so thankful that this pregnancy has been easy-pezy.
Because it has been so good, I feel like it has flown by. I think if I were sick or uncomfortable it would have been the slowest 9 months of my life.
I just wanted to jot down a couple things so I can remember this experience a little better seeing that I am on the tale end.
The good and the bad.
Bad First:
*Iv had only two things that I can not stand food wise.
-Chipotle Turkey sandwich meat. (I bought a pound of it for Mikes lunches and made him eat it all in one sitting because it smelled)
-Smoked Teryiaki Chicken from Whole Foods.
Mike just got this for dinner the other day and holey cow, I smelt it for 2 days straight even though it was long gone.
*Iv been having insomnia pretty bad latley. Every night starting about 2 weeks ago, I just cant seem to sleep a full night. 3am gets seen by me every. single. night.
*Getting comfortable.
My mother bought me a body pillow, which has helped a huge part with my discomfort in sleeping, but I think the real reason is we are sleeping on a queen size bed. So I have a body pillow, Mike, 20 extra pounds, and a 80lb dog! Trying to roll over is a joke.
*The obvious!  I cant fit in to anything.
I only have a couple of actual maternity clothes that people have given me. I have not bought one piece myself. I was hoping to get away with a lot of dresses that I already owned. It has now come down to what used to be dresses have now become long shirts worn with leggings.
*I never realized how caring extra weight effects everyday life.
*Drinks- enough said  :(

Now Good:
*Kicks, rolls and hiccups. Its so crazy that I just made a human! 
*Hearing that she is right on track and looking good each time I visit the Dr.s office. 
*I have NEVER in my life had such clear skin!
*My hair has never been so long (still thin tho). I definitely think it has to do with the vitamins.  
*Nails are looking good too!
*Knowing that I will soon be able to be a kid again myself. (flying kites, coloring, games)
*Saving money on the time of the month supplies.
*Mike and my relationship has gotten even stronger. 
*Knowing that I will soon have a new name... Mommy.

We have one name finally down. I would like going into it to have at least 3 options just in case she doesn't "look" like the one we thought of.     
 The nursery is looking good. Just a few final touches left.  
Stay tuned, 4D sonogram due-over pics coming up.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Love Weekends

Weekends are never long enough!!!
I always try to plan at least one thing that I can check off my list of things I need do on island while we are still here. 
Sometimes it goes as planed...and sometime it doesn't. 

Such a beautiful day out I made Mike pull over, eventho I already have a millon pictures of this view.
 I had a hike planned this weekend, but you never know what your going to get when you travel to the other side of the island.
It could be the sunniest day with not a cloud in the sky, but once you make your way to the other side of the Koolau mountains, it is all up in the air.
Today was not our luck.
We parked at the hike, changed shoes, and headed to the trail head...just as the rain started to pour! 
This particular hike is muddy and semi dangerous as is, without the downpour.
We decided to make our way to lunch instead, and save this hike for a less wet day.

Rainbow Drive-in has been featured on TV a couple of times. 
Dinner, Drive-in, and Dives.
Unique Eats.
They are known for their plate lunches. 
Plate lunch = scoop of white rice, scoop of  mac salad and your choice of a meat.
I decided to get the boneless chicken.
Not a good choice I guess.
so fatty!
Its OK, all the reviews say that its terrible food but you should come for the experience.
Once and only.
Long needed beach day.
 Regular sight in Hawaii.
I wish Bolo could be this chill.
There are lookouts all along the Oahu's coast just waiting for people to stop and take photo's.
Exploring more of them rather then just staying at the top gets you pictures that are extra beautiful. 
Still no whales sightings.
Till next weekend. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4D Ultasound - Bashful Baby

I was going to wait to have this 4D sonogram even further along in my pregnancy but when I talked to a few people about it, they recommended it happen sooner then later. When baby's get too big in the belly, they become smushed and its harder to get a good picture. 
So I chose to have this done in the middle of my 31st week.

I have read so many articles talking about the cons of a unnecessary ultrasounds. And other articles saying they are completely fine.  I chose to have one, A) because I haven't seen her in forever! At my 17 week appointment was the last time and I'm getting ants in my pants. B) I have all her ultrasound pictures in her baby book, and would like to add one more of her not looking so "alien" like. C) Who wouldn't want to see their little one, one last time in their belly. This pregnancy only happens once. 

The place that I made the appointment is not a actual Dr's office. Some people might cringe at this but for me, all they are doing is putting a sick on my belly, moving it around and pressing the print button for the pictures. There are two places that offer this service to pregnant moms on this island. I have read all of the reviews for both and out of the two I chose to go with the one that was a little more expensive, but with good feedback.

The receptionist told me prior to the appointment to eat and drink a lot of water for her to be awake during my appointment, which she was awake for my whole drive over to the office... in till we arrived.
Her head was buried in my placenta and just would not come out during the whole session.
We were able to just get one picture.
She was just not having it. 
The place told me that they would schedule another appointment and try again.
I go again in 2 weeks to have another go at it.
Hopefully then she wont be so shy.
Stay tuned for the due-over.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lived to See Another Day - Sacred Falls

I started the first day to this new year doing something that I have wanted to do ever since I move to this island.
It has been on the top of my list but was never really a "good" time to till today!!!
Sacred Falls 

This hike was one of the top tourist attraction in Oahu before the tragedy in 1999 (on Mothers Day). 
It is now closed indefinitely. 
8 people died and many many more were injured by a massive landslide.
The state was sued by the injured and the victims family's and settled in 2003 for 8.56 million.
This article talks about other injury's going as far back as 1970. 

Lots of signs letting you know that this hike is illegal. 

 If you look at the top right sign, you will see the cost of the fines if they catch you trespassing.
That would suck! 
Lots of rocks and boulders cover the ground.

Easy hike with lots of mud.
 After about 2 miles (estimating) you come to the Kaluanui Gulch.
 And then you finally see it.
 If anything were to happen, I could see how it would be extremely hard to get out of the way because of how narrow the area is.

 Lots of tour helicopters fly by being that its the only way to see the falls legally.
 Such a amazing place!
 I feel very lucky that nothing happened while we were visiting the falls. I can not even imagine the terror that the people felt on that tragic day. 

*Once again, this is a illegal hike! Don't do it if you don't want the consequences!