Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 I had a interview for a job today. She liked me a lot and wants me to start right away. If only I was excited about it. It is mandatory for everyone to work the holidays so I wont be able to go home and see mine or Mikes family if I take the job. And sense we are leaving in March for Hawaii this would be the last time Mike would have time to take off to actually go home for the next 3 years. Ugg... I guess this just isn't the right job for me. I need a glass of wine. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lazy Dayz

   Today was the end to a good long weekend. We just relaxed and did things around the house for most of the day. Mike waxed his girlfriend while the pups and I watched. (that didn't sound right)  We also made it a point to go see the sun set because yesterday when we were driving home it was absolutely beautiful. Tonight didn't even compare but it was still pretty.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Craziness

   I woke up early this morning to an alarm clock that I hate. Mike puts the most annoying ring tone on that he has and blares it with the highest volume there is. I have to hear it every morning around 4:30 and not just hear it once, he likes to snooze 4 or 5 times. But waking up this morning was a little different. I begged him just another hour as it felt like I had just turned over to close my eyes. But he insisted so 12:15am it was. We got ready to head out to what I thought was going to be a big wast of time. In the car at 1:00am to go shopping just didn't seem right. We did see some good luck tho. Now I comment every night on our walks with the dogs how beautiful the stars are and this night was especially special. We saw a shooting star clear as day as we drove down the road. I feel like I have seen them before but Mike brought up a good point. He says that he has always thought he saw one but he was never quite sure and it was a good thing that I saw it too, to confirm that he wasn't just seeing things. This must have meant there was some good deals on the way. It was also quite funny diving past all the bars with lots of cars still parked in the lot.
   We searched high and low for a newspaper Thanksgiving Day. We must have went to 7 different places and every one was sold out, so going into Black Friday we felt a little blind. Getting to our first shop I was surprised how many cars were parked out front. Being in a town that most of the residents have a few days off (96'is)  I would think they would go home to see their family's, but I was wrong. Walmart was packed! I was skeptical about going in just because there was nothing I really needed there. All the other stores that I had planed to buy things weren't open yet so we were just going to wast some time. We dodged all the carts that people couldn't see over and made our way to the electronics with the rest of the crowd.
    I saw what I wanted to buy my mother so I put that into the cart and was happy I could mark one off my list. The a woman over the PA announced that they has Wii's for $99.00, Mikes eyes got wide and went off to take a look. Coming back with the box in hand and a smile on his face and as he placed his new toy in the cart he noticed a "36 inch TV with a price tag that makes him look around to find someone wearing a blue shirt and a smiley faced button. Now we were one of those people that had a TV in the cart with a bunch of other electronics headed to the checkout.
   A few stores down he noticed that GameStop was open, and sense we just bought a new gaming system it only seemed right to go inside. After purchasing a few games and accessories, we were on our way to Bed Bath and Beyond. Not really knowing what I wanted, I came across Satin bed sheets that I had been wanting for along time, so they went right into the cart. Having a 20% coupon and also a gift-card made those expense sheets irresistible.
   Pets-Mart was our next stop. Just thinking I was going to be buying my furry children their Christmas presents, but we came across much more. We had been needing a new crate for Bolo sense there was a crack in his other one. Looking on-line at large crates, they run around $120. Boy did we get lucky! $35.00! I still cannot believe it. Traveling to Hawaii, we will need to modify this crate a little but its no big deal. We also purchased their water bowls an wee pads.(wee pads are mandatory on flights) Of course I didn't forget to pick up a few toys and bones for under the tree.
    It was finally 4:00am and Dicks was open. Mike had been looking forward to this stop because he needed new cleats for his touch football games. After we waited 15 min to have someone come over to ask what size shoe he needed, only to find out that 11's are the most popular size and they are out of  pretty much every shoe they carry except for 3. The 3 shoes were cleats that were pink, yellow and orange. If you know Mike at all you know that he does not wear any type of color. Black, white, and grey are the only colors in his wardrobe, so that was not going to work. Looking around some more there wasn't much on sale that we wanted, plus the line was half way down the store so we chalked it up and left.
    Office Max was next on the list. I had a gift card there but ended up not having any money on it. I had checked at Walmart the gifts that I wanted to get my sister and dad and was waiting to see how much they were here. It ended up the Walmart had a better deal so we were off again to have a second round.
   We quickly when through Walmart, dashing the people again and gathering up what we needed and called it a night/morning.  Getting home around 7:00am. Taking all our new goodies up the stairs. Mike of course wanted to play with the toys so I left him setting it up while I crawled in bed.
    Waking up at 12:30pm to start our day after our outing was a little different but I think it was all worth it. I look at the people that do this every year in a different way now. Don't get me wrong, I will never camp out in a tent in front of a store but it sure is nice to have more then half your Christmas shopping done so early. We had a great time!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving! Its been a very enjoyable day today just being able to relax. I'm sad that we were not able to spend the day with our families but I tried to make it as close to it as possible to what we know. I cooked my first turkey ever and it actually turned out good.  We went shopping yesterday with all of Eastern North Carolina. Its amazing how people have no clue that your trying to move around them with your big cart saying excuse me and pardon me and there is no slight care what so ever to move over so you can get by. I feel like I'm so considerate of everyone else and I never receive it back at the grocery store. Oh well I guess, its probably never going to change. Anyways...
  I spent a good amount of the day checking on the turkey while it was cooking. I was getting a little nervous because it was starting to look kinda dark on the top and not anywhere else so I was constantly opened and closed the door. I finally left it alone and it ended up evening out. There was no major catastrophes which I was surprised about. It still didn't even come close to my mothers cooking but I wasn't expecting it to.

    So we are headed to bed early tonight to wake up extra early to get to all the Black Friday sales. Its our first year doing it with all the crazy people so we will see how it goes. I think everyone should do this once in their life. So 12 Am. It is.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Close call

   Yesterday was a little stressful of a day. We woke up in the morning to a extremely sick dog that I thought really wasn't going to make it. Sheba (around 14 years old) woke up not herself at all. She couldn't walk hardly at all and when she actually did she would fall after a step or two. Mike had this very important brief that he had to give Monday afternoon that he had been working on all weekend so he was really stressed about that and this was the cherry on top. Sheba was throwing up and everywhere and peeing on herself so it was time to take her in to see the Doctors. There were a lot of tears all morning so Mike decided to come with me to see the Dr.  Because it was a Sunday we could only go to the Emergency Clinic and that was in Wilmington an hour and a half away. Boy was that a long car ride. I thought for sure this was the end of the road for her. We got there and she still wasn't looking good. We waited for the Doc to come in a look at her and tell us the bad news. She finally came in and saw what was happening and decided she wanted to do blood work and give her something for her nausea.  It ended up the Doctor thinks that Sheba had a seizure and we were seeing the after effects of it. After she had giving the nausea shot she got much better. Not being able to walk was the result of being dizzy. The Dr. said all of her blood work was excellent and that was very rare in a dog in her mature state.  I cant believe how lucky we are to still have our baby. Let just say I have a few extra grey hairs from that day.  I'm thankful for the vet clinic, they were the best I had have ever been to. I felt that they new exactly what they were doing and very friendly. All tho the Dr. doesn't know what caused the seizure (if that even what it was) or if she will have them from now on she is doing much better today. Thank goodness for the outcome and now she is sick and tired of all the extra kisses that she has been getting.
   Mike said his brief went really well today.  I know he was a little nervous about it so I'm glad its over. I feel like I hadn't seen him sense Friday because he had been working on it so hard.  He will know his grade on it after the holiday.
   I'm going grocery shopping for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Hopefully the lines wont be to long. I have a feeling its going to be bad. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Glad its Friday

   It's been such a long week. Its the first day that I feel like winter has followed me. We turned on the heat last night which was very depressing. The weather man said that it is just a cold spell and that it will warm back up so hopefully hes right.
   Bolo woke me up bright and early today. The people down the street let there dog out and it was barking like crazy so that means he wanted to bark too. I came to the conclusion that we live on a street with hillbilly's. There are only 3 houses that are actually occupied and of course one of them has to be the trouble makers. Very loud and garbage everywhere. The police are always strolling by so I guess that's a good thing. I feel like such an old lady complaining. They have a pit-bull and they let him out without a leash so I'm always scared to walk by the house with Bolo. There would definitely be a fight. I keep hoping that they are going to be leaving soon because they are in a rental house like us but it hasn't happened. Oh well.
   I made pumpkin rolls yesterday, they didn't turn out the way I had hoped.  I haven't tasted them yet so hopefully their not bad but they didn't want to roll easily so I don't know how pretty they are gonna be. I was going to have Mike take them to class with him for the guys but I changed my mind. Their going to be for desert for Thanksgiving. The leftovers Ill send with him to class.
    Well this weekend Mike has to run the Turkey Trot, 5 miles. He is not to thrilled about it. He signed up for it and paid his money because the thought it was mandatory.  He found out yesterday that it wasn't mandatory and now he doesn't want to do it. I guess we'll see how it goes when he wakes up. He also has a group project due Monday, so he will probably have to get together with some of the guys and work on that.
   The puppy's had a bath today. It was needed. It was definitely difficult not having a shower head with a hose. I tried the whole filling up the cup thing but that was taking way to long. Bolo let me turn on the shower and he rinsed off that way.
   Well I'm pretty sure this weekend wont be that interesting, I just hope the weather turns for the good. We are gonna talk out mid day walk now with my coat on.  :(

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our 96

    Mike had a 96.  I just learned this. :) It means 96 hours. (4 days)  I'm learning so many new things... We took advantage of the absolutely beautiful weather this weekend.  We took a walk to the pier, which was about 2 miles one way. We tried to dodge all the jelly fish but it was impossible. 
  We wanted to go to the Aquarium in Wilmington but we decided against it because it was free to kids for Veterans Day. We would have driven an 1 1/2 hours to be swarmed with screaming children.  So a movie is what we settled on. I wanted to see the "In Time" movie with Justin Timberlake. ( I think that's what its called)  So we made our way to Jacksonville with all the other thousands of people. I recommend, when there is a National Holiday especially for people that are serving our country, do not go into the town that they are living in when they have a 96 also, and try to have lunch or see a movie. We tried 2 different places to eat and we finally felt comfortable with waiting 15 minutes. After lunch we headed towards the theater. Ya, that was never gonna happen. We couldn't even find a place to park. It was 3:30!!! So we drove around a little and then went home.  We took a long walk with the puppy's and called it a night.
    OSU played today, so that pretty much took over all of our day. We drove around trying to find a bar that had the BIG 10 Network and no one did. Mike was very disappointing so we ended up just coming back home. One of his friends stopped by that he hadn't seen for awhile so they had a chance to catch up. OSU lost so it been a pretty quite evening now.
  I made crispy lemon chicken tonight for dinner. It was so-so. I put to much lemon zest in it so it was definitely lip puckering.
   We are planning to see the movie tomorrow so hopefully the outcome will be better then the last one, or I can talk Mike into doing something even better.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tonight's Dinner

                                             Meatloaf, Garlic Mash-potato's, and Green-beans.
   Mikes busy playing the new Call of Duty game so I just thought I would put a picture of what we had for dinner tonight.  I'm going to try to get him to pause the game so we can go for a walk now.  Wish me luck. :)

Looking forward to the weekend!

   It Veterans Day on Friday so Mike gets Thursday through Monday off. Hopefully we will be-able to do something fun.  There is a small list of things I would like to do before we leave North Carolina so maybe we can check a few off. There is a fish market in town that I wanna get to before winter. I'm not sure if its open all year round so I need to not procrastinate any longer.  I hope that it will at-least be open at the end of November. My parents are coming to visit and I'm sure this is a spot that my mom wouldn't mind going.
   Also I haven't seen a sunrise yet on the beach. I'm up when Mike leave for work but then I always tend to fall back asleep.  Sunrise is usually around 6:00ish, so when Mike doesn't have to work I feel bad waking him up that early when he doesn't have to be up. So if its not raining then we'll probably try to do this too.
    It was such a beautiful day today. Bolo and I when for a nice run around our neighborhood.  We made our way down to the ocean and he played in the water a little bit. Lots and lots of dead jellyfish washed up over night. I guess that means winter is coming.  After a little it was time to go.  I wanted to continue my run but he started to be a troublemaker so I decided it was time to go home.  He just loves to grab the leash and play tug-of-war. (so embarrassing) and boy does he tug!
    I finally applied to a few places to work yesterday. I haven't heard anything back yet but hopefully soon. Left over meat loaf tonight. I made it yesterday and it was pretty good. Mike was surprised too. He said that I could make it again. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

*Happy Birthday USMC*

   We attended the Marine Corps Ball last night. 236 years in service. It was lots of fun. We got all dresses up and pretty looking. It was at the Hilton in Wilmington which was very nice. The puppy's had to stay home but we had on of Mikes friends that is in a different MOS come and take them out. Nice hotel tho and great room service. I ordered a Caesar Salad that was to die for. I don't no why it was so good. Just lettuces and crouton's. Maybe I was just really hungry.
   The ball was really nice. There was about 200 people that were there. Lots of higher enlisted people all the way down to 17 year old's.  We kinda stuck to our own group tho.  After all the speeches were over ( 1 hour later) dinner was served. Mike had the steak and I had chicken. It was also good. It was nice everything was still hot when it came to our table. Serving that many people I was surprised. The cake was so pretty I didn't want them to cut it but it was good also. I wish I would have taken a picture of it first. OK, enough about food.
    After dinner the music started. It was interesting because a lot of people left after dinner. Probably more then half the people. It felt like it was empty when you looked around. I came to the conclusion that when you have been to 4 or more of theses balls it starts to become a little old. They probably are all the same. Also it was on a Sunday so a lot of people have to work the next day. I got Mike to dance to 2 whole songs. I was very proud of him. :)  He also was willing to take a few pictures. I had to beg a little but he gave in easy. They had a professional photo studio there which I totally took advantage of. They put us in a few different poses so we could go online a choose the ones we like. I haven't seen them yet but I'm sure Ill buy them all. We stayed about a hour longer, busy taking pictures and socializing. I pretty much met all of the wives and girlfriends of his MOS. All very nice people.
   We ended up leaving and planning on going out for a little once we changed our clothes with some of the couples. That didn't happen. The bed looked really comfortable. It was a memory foam mattress which just sucks you in to it. I definitely will save my penny's for that one day.  I'm glad that we didn't go out because we had to be up early to drive back to the doggies.  Also I finally got a good night sleep not having a 80 pound dog laying on top of me. It was great!
    Mike left a little while ago for work. He had to be there at noon today instead of five. So I made a big breakfast and he actually got to relax before he had to go.  Me and the pups will probably go for a long walk in a little bit. Sit at the beach maybe and watch the fishermen. There has been a ton of them lately. They stand at the edge of the water with 4 polls each. It must be season for a certain kind of fish or something. Its still been really nice here. Its amazing how different its been from back home. People are still wearing shorts and t-shirts here. Its so funny to see knowing that its almost Thanksgiving.
   Well steak fajita's are on the menu tonight. Hopefully they will turn out the way I'm imagining them.

 Oh... if you would like to look at the professional photos that we have taken this is the site.
               http://jaycyns.instaproofs.com/                                we are in the third group. Engineer 8-9 pm

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Baby's

Just another day

  It felt like today was a really long day. We just finished dinner. I made this chicken that was marinated in some sort of seasoning that I will never make again. Mike ate it all but gave my portion to the dogs. Im trying to branch out with my cooking. Guess Im not doing a very good job.
  The landlords are putting a new roof on the house so that's been fun with all the banging. Bolo is having a field day with every little noise that these guys make. Its so loud even Sheba can hear them.
  I saw this nasty roach as i was walking into the outside laundry room so i had to take a picture. They definitely don't have these bugs in Ohio. It was enormous!!! Just as long as they don't come into my house, Ill be OK.
  Well hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting. I really need to find a job!