Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trip Home

A couple weeks ago Mike left for training for two weeks.
I still know ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HERE so I decided to hop in the car and make the 4 hour trip home to Ohio to for the weekend. I really wanted to take Emma to the Cleveland Zoo as I have many great memories there. West Virgina doesn't have a zoo. The closest one is about 2 hours away from us in Columbus, Ohio. That one is on our list to check out soon.
Anyways, I packed us all up and headed out during Emma's nap time. I am finding that this time is working the best during travel times. She sleeps for about a hour n a half, then we stop and get out to stretch and I pray the rest of the time I can talk and sing to her long enough for her to be content. She has been going through a stage while in the car that she wants to hold hands. I am talking screaming bloody murder on the top of her lungs over, and over, and over in till I break my arm trying to squeeze it back over her car seat for her to find my hand. Then she is happy as can be.

My mother and I took Emma on a Saturday. It was hot and as busy as it could be.
We walked around and tried to see all of the animals at a semi quick pace. The Cleveland Zoo also has a rain forest in a separate building so we wanted to check that out also.

I was home for about 4 days so we visited some of Mikes family and also checked out a couple hikes close to my parents home.

In the evening we took advantage of living close to Lake Erie. The perfect place to watch the sunset. 
It was a nice quick visit.


  1. What a fun trip! That picture of Emma sticking out her tongue is hilarious!

  2. That's definitely a plus for being back state side! :). Great sunset picture!