Monday, September 26, 2016

trying to catch up

This place here is for me to remember memories. I like to look back and see all the things we have done the past five years that I have been writing on this blog and it makes me happy.  Recently, I have been doing a crappy job keeping up. I am still not used to having two kiddos to look after. I feel like I don't even have one minute to spare to sit down and do anything that I really want to do. Mike just got home from Morocco so we are a doing a little readjustment back to the "normal" life we have right now. Charlie is having a really hard time being put down and that is the hardest part of my day, which is most of my day. I am pretty much living with one arm. I seriously need to break out my Ergo and start baby wearing inside the house. I just don't like that I cant put his legs out comfortably yet so I don't like him being in it for a extended period of time.  Anyways, let me find a little brain power to remember all of the things that we have been up to so I can have it written down.

We went to summer fest. 
It is a festival in a small town that has a bunch of music. They had bounce houses for the kids but I still think Emma is a little too little to go in those with the big kids. We have tried and it is really scary.  She really enjoyed just dancing here though so that's what we did. 

 Em got a real bike! 
She is awesome at it! 
Only one crash so far too! 
 Of course we have been spending quite a bit getting outside. 
More park 
 And even more 
 We spent time at sports fest. 
Its a couple days of volleyball, jiu jitsu, jet ski races and a 5k. We mainly went for the jet ski stuff. I really wanted to see the tricks that they do, but they were running late and it was super hot so we decided to leave after watching a good amount of the racing. 
It makes me want a new toy! 

Charlie went on his first hike. 
Devils Tea Table 
Slept the whole time.
 Emma and her princess dresses. 
She has to put one on every single day. 
 Obsessed with painting her face. 
 This day I let her paint mine. 

Splash park fun
 Play times 
 More park 
 Birthday party with a lantern release. 
 Charlies first birthday party too. 
 Em and I went to Rock the Park. We spent some girl time and it was great. We listened to music, got her arm painted and enjoyed a shaved ice. 
We went to the cupcake festival. 
It was tiny. We didn't stay long. 

Hansom boy

Well, that's that.
I feel like this isn't everything. 
I might be back for round two but as for now I cant think anymore. 

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