Thursday, August 31, 2017

Here We Go Again

Last year I wrote this post. 
It was about the struggle that we have had with our home we own and rent out back in Ohio. It was suppose to be Mike and My first home. We bought it, and 3 months later Mike decided to join the military. I lived in it while he was gone at school but moved with him a couple months after. We hired a property management company to help us rent it out and take care of it. We have never had any problems renting it (because we put thousands of dollars back into it each time people move out) ...but we have had major problems renting it to GOOD tenants.

Well, after I wrote that post last year, those kids absolutely ruined our home. We had to take out a loan to fix repairs plus they owed us rent money. This still bothers me and I am getting hot as I write this on top of that we are still paying off the loan we had to take out. So when the house was in mint condition after we were done fixing it (me being 8 months pregnant), the property management found a family of a grandmother, wife and husband and the daughter and her husband. Thats 5 people in a 3 bedroom house. Adding they also had 3 small dogs. So to me that's a little different. All those people in a small house, but they said they wanted to save money and help grandma out. They signed a two year lease. We were happy with that so we didn't have to worry about finding someone renting it for another two years.
When I went home to Ohio for Charlies birthday, I drove past the house.
I wasn't that happy.
The grass hasn't been cut for at least a month if not longer and they were also parking their cars in the front yard.

On a side note.What the hell are we paying the property management company for? What do they do? absolutely nothing! I don't understand their roll in renting property's if they never drive past them to see how the outside looks...because I am pretty sure you can get a really good idea whats going on inside the home by the looks of the outside.

Literally not even a week after I drive past the house mike gets a email from the management saying that the grandma needs a wheelchair friendly home and they are breaking their lease and moving out. (by law that's allowed if its for medical reasons)

So, here we are a year later. Going back to probably fix our home because its in shambles again. I'm sure the dogs pissed all over so we will be replacing the floors.
This time though we are selling. 

We have had the worst luck ever with this little house. It has totally turned me off to ever buying a rental property again. I feel bad for the neighborhood. We will have to take out a loan once fix let alone pay the mortgage for a few months while its on the market.

Trying to look on the bright side.
 It is still summer. People are still buying homes.
We only live 4 hours away so we can travel to do all the repairs ourselves.
Next year we will be moving farther away at the same time their lease would be up so we would not be able to get it ready for being re-rented.
We have a friend in real estate so I know he will do his best to sell it fast.

This month we will be heading back home once again to handle this home...and also say goodbye to it. The home we were going to start a life in that has now made us terrible memories of it. Tons of debt and humans that have know respect for others property have lived there.

Here we go again


  1. Ugh!!! A friend of ours is in a similar situation! It's so frustrating.

  2. Sounds about right. I've been watching a saga on FB recently about how some people totally destroyed a rental property. Must be that whole mentality of we deserve everything for nothing.... I did hear the other day that right now it is a seller's Market so maybe that's a good thing.