Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Beginning

 As you can tell I'm new to this whole blogging thing. Mike would be laughing his head off telling me I'm a "blogger" now. Ill have to let him know when he gets home from playing his touch football tournament with some of the guys. I know he will think this is funny.
So I moved to North Carolina almost a month ago. Its nice here even tho I haven't met too many people yet. I live on an island about 20 minuets for Camp Lejeune . Its off season here so so there is not much going on. Me and the pups go for our daily walk and I always try to go down to the ocean and take it all in. Bolo always seems to drag me to the water and gets messy with a ton of sand. He is loving it here. Always chasing the foam from the waves and trying to eat the sea shells. He so cute. And Sheba, she pretty much could care less.
So my move from Ohio was pretty smooth. I drug-ed Bolo so he could actually be normal for the car ride. Even tho he made a mess of my car with all his slobber he still did a good job. I'm so happy we were able to rent out our house quickly. Let just see how everything goes with that. I get nervous with other people and my property. I hope the man that is living their will take care of it.  I still cant believe I finally left. I miss it tho. Well not really, just mainly my family. 
We are starting the process of the paperwork to move to Hawaii. The housing looks really nice there. We are going to be living on the base because it is so expensive there, but I don't mine. I would want to anyways to help the process of finding new friends. Bolo and Sheba have know idea whats coming next for them. I am a little nervous about flying them. I have been researching a lot the necessary steps to move pets to the island. Boy, there are a lot of requirements. They've been microchiped, blood tested and rabies vaccinated. I found out yesterday that they got the good to go for the trip. Hundreds of dollars later.
So Mike is loving his Combat Engineer Training. Im so glad he got the job he wanted. Im so proud of him. He worked so hard to get were he is today. He deserves everything that he has now. We are going to be atteneding the Marine Ball next week. Im excited to meet all of the great guys that he will be spending these 4 months with. I just need to keep in mind not to drink to much!  :)  I bought a dress online that I thought was so beautiful. I recived it yesterday which was a shock because I thought it wasnt going to come intime. Well I put it on and its pretty and all but its not what i ordered. The back of the dress it totally different then the picture. Its ok tho. Thats what i get for buying online and from China.
Hopefully Mike gets back soon. He doesn't know it yet but I'm going to try to get him to take a trip to Willmington today. I hear its really cute and quaint there. It probably wont happen if OSU is playing so Ill keep my fingers crossed that its a by week.

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  1. The Marines def. have the prettier side of the island, you are going to love it. :) We were at Schofield, the North Shore was only a 10 minute drive so what was nice.