Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Its Halloween day today. My favorite holiday of the year. Tho I didn't have a chance to dress up this year it was still a fun weekend. I saw a lot of really good costumes. We went to Wilmington this past weekend. Very cute area even tho I didn't get to see a lot of it. Just mainly the inside of a bar... but that bar was nice.
I'm searching for a job today. I decided that I am going to get one just because I sit home all day every day why not make some money. I'm having to transfer my license to my new state so its probably going to take a while to get it. Hopefully I can find a job now. I wasn't going to get one because we are only going to be here for such a short period of time but Mike thinks it will be a good idea. Also we had went to the mall yesterday and my favorite store was there so now i have incentive to make some money.
Well hopefully some kids come tonight for trick or treating. Mike bought some candy and I don't want to have to end up eating it all.

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