Friday, March 1, 2013

Manana Trail to Waimano Falls

  Manana Trail is the location where Waimano Falls is found. Thinking that it was going to be a quick, little, 2 mile hike to some beautiful falls...but getting a little bit different then what was expecting.

There is two separate paths. One leads you to the falls, the other keeps you on the 8 mile path to the summit. Well....the sign where we should have turned off to the path to the falls did not exist anymore and we passed right by the pole that it used to be on.

 We got to about this point when we realized something is just not right. We finally saw a fellow hiker and asked for directions.
We turned around.
 And here is the dreaded sign

Cardiac Hill.
 Looking at it now it wasn't that hard, but while we were doing it, it was torcher.

There were actually 3 different waterfalls with 3 different pools.

The water was freezing! 

 These pictures don't even do justice!

This summer we will definitely be going back to take a dip!


  1. I love living vicariously through you and all the adventures you go on. :)

  2. Oh wow, this place looks beautiful!
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  3. We were stationed there in Hawaii before our move here in Okinawa. Your post made me miss the place all the more. I saw your blog at the Military Support Blog directory and I'm following you now from I am really thrilled to have found this support group. I am looking forward in visiting your blogs and meeting you all.