Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunset Cruise

   Mike and I are celebrating our anniversary early this year. We decided to try a sunset dinner cruise on the Navatek 1.
Too bad it was crappy out all day. (not good for the hair)
 When we do special things like this, we usually splurge and get the best quality/best seats in the house but this time we settled on the buffet dinner. 
The Royal dinner was serving lobster and filet but I though to myself the atmosphere wouldn't be as fun...and I was right. The manager took us up to the second level where there was a bunch of people sitting with candle light and soft music playing. Our floor had an actually show going on. 
 Also, everyone pretty much had a window seat. Usually there is a upgrade fee for this but because it wasn't that busy so they sat us all with the best seat in the house.
 The sunset was pretty much non-extant which kinda stunk but Waikiki was looking beautiful.
Happy 2 years hunny! Love You!


  1. Wow so pretty! :) I love your dress.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a great way to celebrate!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! It's so beautiful there! :)

  4. Awww! Yay for 2 years! Loving the dress! Awesome that you were upgraded! But yes, that is not the normal Hawaii weather I see from you a my friends! Blah!

  5. how fun! and happy anniversary! I love your dress too! Maxi dresses and skirts are my faves!

  6. My husband and I went on a dinner cruise for my birthday just a few weeks ago here in Boston! Just ran across your blog from a blog hop, and am a new follower!! Looking forward to reading your blog!