Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3 Months

My sweet girl was 3 months old yesterday.
She is still doing wonderfully. 
I'm just so lucky. 
She is still loving all of the things I have mentioned before. 
Bath time, walks with Bolo, car rides, looking in the mirror, meal time, her Ergo, daddy kissing her feet.

Her dislikes are pretty much the same also.
The nasal aspirator, getting out of the bath and being hungry.

Emma has been very vocal as of lately.  I try to hurry and get my video recorder or phone out to record all of her sweet sounds but as soon as I do she doesn't want to talk anymore.
I have to be more sneaky I guess.

Postpartum for me has been a little rough lately.
Actually in just one specific area.
Hair loss.
 It has been brutal!

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