Saturday, January 24, 2015

getting old sucks!

I haven't talked to much on this blog lately about things that are happening in my life at the moment. I like to keep track of the good memories that we are having and not the ones that make me sad. But there is one thing in particular that is making my heart hurt a little. This little boy is not feeling so well.
 We are still trying to find the cause to his problems. 
The thought of moving him in a couple months is already making me bite all my nails off. 
I moved here with a 14 year old baby (Sheba)...and now I'm leaving with a 9 year old. 
At first I thought all of his symptoms were old age.
We used to not even be able to say the word WALK. He would start to go crazy with excitement. Now we have to motivate him just to put his leash on. 
Hes gained almost 20lbs from the extremely slow walks he wants to take.
There is moaning every single time he lays down or gets up.
He can no longer sleep in our bed, and the couches are getting difficult.
I thought all of this was arthritis. 
We put him on pills that did nothing. 

New symptoms have arouse (still including the old) so we took him back to the doctor.
He drinks a TON of water. I'm talking a TON!
So much water that he has been peeing while he is sleeping and has not even a clue. 
We go outside 50 times a day and twice during the middle of the night and it is still happening. 
He sleeps most of the day. No more toys are brought to me to throw. Hes not really in the mood to cuddle anymore.
Researching on my own all the symptoms pointed to diabetes.
But his blood work came back normal.
 He had been treated for a UTI because "maybe" that was it.

 The medicine for the UTI did nothing. He is still drinking like crazy so we tried a different doctor to get another opinion.  They put him on a different pain reliever.

 We still have no answers. 

I just want my dog back. The dog that feels good.


  1. I am so sorry. Wish I had even a shred of wisdom to share. Keep us posted on him.

  2. Awe, that makes me sad. It's crazy how dogs become part of the family and you want them to feel just as good as you want your people to feel. I sure hope some answers come your way!