Monday, December 19, 2016

Things that I hate because I am a mom

I have never hated some things so much since being a mom. Things that I used to do myself and enjoy are on this list.

First things first...loud music in cars that drive by. Mainly during nap time. I still think it is obnoxious when my house shakes and my kids are awake also, but most of all when nap time rolls around I want to wish this person with this unnecessary bass that has it turned up to maximum volume to fly off a cliff. (that's a little far, but you get what I'm saying)

The 2pm.
Yes, I like getting mail, not really bills, but what bothers me is the time he comes. Yes! Smack dab right in the middle of nap time! I have a crazy dog that can hear him four houses down.

People loitering. I live in the suburbs, across from a church. Yes, it is our fault that we live right there and I would do anything to move and not have any neighbors. This church has people outside of it all day long. Talking and slamming doors is pretty much the main problem...because it is nap time...and I have a crazy dog.

Dogs barking... my neighbors dog is extremely vocal....and you probably guessed it...nap time! That's the only time it really bothers me.

Motorcycles. We live right by a stop sign. Its like a race track and the light just turned green to start the race. I swear!

People with loud cars...sports cars and old cars. I swear the race track is right in front of our house.

Trains. We have somewhat gotten used to the tracks being 2 blocks away, but it still doesn't mean I am used to them during nap time.

So pretty much to sum up what I have just written...please let the earth stay still while my children are sleeping.
 I need a break!!! 

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  1. My hatred is the loud booms from living on a military base, ugh!