Saturday, December 3, 2016


I have not been doing to well with this little page of mine. It has been neglected and that bothers me. We have been doing too many fun things and now I don't remember all of the little things that I would like to have written down. I have to look back at all of my pictures on my phone and camera but when I already moved all of my photos to my hard drive that makes it even more difficult because my hard drive is the biggest mess ever! Why didn't I label anything (crying face emoji). So let me just update on a couple of things that I can remember from my phone. 

We made a extremely quick trip home for Thanksgiving. We were going to wait for Christmas to go home but Mike needed to get his truck re-registered and it has Ohio plates...and our luck, he needed a E-check and they only do those in the norther part of the state so we packed up the kids and spent a short 3 days seeing the little family that we could. Christmas will be the main time that we will actually be able to see everyone that we would like to see so that time will not be as rushed. But, Charlie did get to meet his grandparents and Mikes aunts and cousins during the holiday. 

Now, with re-registering your car...a birthday is soon approaching. Mike turned 32 on the 2nd. 

During the time back home, Cami had to spent the nights in boarding. I have never put any of my dogs in a boarding facility so it was totally new for me. We took her to her vets because they have a facility there.  I am sure she was totally stressed out the whole time being locked up, but if she just would calm down 90 degrees and maybe got along with cats we could have taken her home with us. She ended up getting a cut on her nose from rubbing it on something but other then that she is still well.  The girl that came out with her when I picked her up told me she was nuts. haha.

We also got our Christmas tree. We wanted to make up for last year so we got the biggest one we could fit in our house. 

I really need to go crazy after this holiday and buy new decorations for the tree. We have a ton but I don't want to put any of them up. Just not my style anymore so this tree will just have to look plain with lights and a couple ornaments. 

Speaking of Christmas. It never fails! Something always happen right around the holiday that puts a huge dent in your pocket. Back in July, we went back to our rental property to get it fixed up to rent after the pigs moved out. We spent a TON of money getting it back to being able to rent. The problem was we were not able to do all of the work because Mike only had 5 days off. The really really big things that needed more then one person and extra days just couldn't happen. One of those things was the railing that the jerks broke that needed to be replaced. We rented it out without having it but we couldn't leave them with no rail. It ended up that they had to dig through cement...which costs way more in labor then just a couple of holes in dirt. 2 weeks later after paying $$$!!!...I get a phone call from the woman that lives across the street saying that we might want to have someone look at the tree in our front yard. Our tree is the biggest tree on the whole block. It is huge! Massive trunk, tons of branches high in the sky. It is hundreds and hundreds of years old...maybe!? We were thinking that we would just have to trim a few branches to keep the dead ones from falling but we were wrong. They recommend the whole thing come down. If we did a couple branches this year, next year it will need the same thing...and so on. So now, $2000 quoted, we are going to be removing our tree. I still blame the stupid kids for this tree. Even though I know they didn't make the tree grow it is still somehow their fault!  I still hate them and we are still going to be perusing our money they owe us!
It is now 12am and I only have this much written. 
Ill have to come back and keep updating, and also all of the fun things that need their own posts. I have to take it all the way back to before Halloween. That's how long ago I have not written about. 


  1. Wow, $2000 for a tree removal?? That tree must be gigantic! I'm sorry to hear it!

  2. That Thanksgiving photo is everything!! I love it.