Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fur Baby's

   Ever since Sheba left us and went to doggie heaven I have had the urge to help another pet in need. It is so amazing how many poor pets are on Craigslist needing a new home. It blows my mine how someone could have a pet for 3, 4, 5 years and then all of a sudden want to get ride of them. I guess there are some people that don't have a love for the furry family member like I do. Just because you are moving to a "smaller house" that means you are going to just forget about bringing them. Maybe I'm crazy but I wouldn't even look at a place if it wasn't pet friendly. Its not even a option...because I am loyal to my pets like they are to me. Just like if Bolo and Sheba couldn't come to Hawaii till their quarantine process was up...guess who would have been staying back with them till the time was right.
  I stumble on a video that brought me to tears.
   Emma is a amazing puppy that loves her life even though she might have a few issues, and because of her  parents they are giving her the chance to live it to the fullest.
    Dogs with special needs is now something that I have started to think about. Yes, they will have more medical bills, and yes they might be a little more time consuming but they deserve a happy life to.
 Pets With Disability's is such a amazing website. They have large group of dogs that need homes just like the "normal" ones but of course it is harder to re-home them.  Hopefully soon, one of these pups will be our new member.
*Don't count them out just because they are different*


  1. YAY :) And sweet video. Little girl was happy to see her daddy :)

  2. Such a sweet video! :) Love!

  3. I know exactly what you mean! When my husband and I first talked about getting a dog a couple of years ago now, I flat out told him (since he'd never owned a dog himself before) that this wasn't a "Oh, just until we have kids" commitment or a "Oh, or until things get hard" commitment. It was a huge, big lifetime commitment and that's why we had to take it so seriously. Luckily he was on board with me! It really does break my heart to see all the rehomes around here. I wish our housing didn't have pet limitation restrictions or I'd at least be fostering!

  4. I would never leave my dogs behind either! In fact I gave my husband the ultimatum before I decided to go live with him. You find a house that I can have my dogs at or I'm not coming! Luckily, he understood completely and found a place that allows me to bring my two dogs! Dogs are family and once they join my family, they don't leave until their old and ready to go do doggie heaven.