Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Fun! (dont judge me by all the food I stuffed in my face)

 Started off at Lanikai, entertained by this couple taking wedding photos.
 Serg's for dinner. I don't really know what "good" / "authentic" Mexican food is. (Cleveland didn't really have a lot to choose from.) I think this place was pretty good though, but what do I know
We braved Waikiki Saturday night for the 11th annual Spam Jam. Traffic was absolutely terrible! We were regretting our trip the moment we got off the freeway.
  We didn't eat dinner at the Jam, but we did have one little taste of the famous canned meat.
 My first taste.......and probably last  
Beautiful Day = Beach Time
Kailua was having their Town Party Sunday, so we headed there to have lunch.
The famous Cinnamon's had some amazing shredded pork.
No Ka 'Oi Crepes...also amazing! 
Mine had apples and cinnamon inside.
  Slushy/Ice Cream
 I stalked this dog for a little bit in order to get a good picture of her.
 Huli Huli Marinated Chicken
Amazingly delish!
If you don't know about it, CHECK IT OUT!
  The end to a perfect weekend


  1. Oh all that food looks amazing, I would like some now haha. :)

  2. Looks like a great weekend, you make me miss some of my favorite eatiers from the island!!