Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beach Day + Donkey Balls + Wet Down

  Mike and I rarely have a beach day where we actually just lay on the beach. 
(hes to antsy for that)
But today it was just that! 
A friend told me of a "secret" spot where there are turtles ALL YEAR. 
The water is so shallow so its super warm and that's what they like.
So we first went to check it out.
And I of course had to bring my snorkel gear. 
(too bad the water was a little cloudy)

These guys are amazing! 
I hope this place stays "secret" so they don't get scared away and leave.
 Next we made a stop at one of the beaches on base and watched all the kids get beat up by the waves.

Hopefully I got ride of most of my tan lines now. Mike and I have a big trip coming up and it would be nice to look pretty in a dress and not have weird lines going everywhere including sport bra ones...Not cute! 

Donkey Balls always looks like a fun place to stop! 
(chocolate macadamia nuts)
 There are so many flavors to choose from.
 I stood there for awhile.
The Smokey Balls are the ones that will probably be eaten last. They are infused with bacon and taste a little funky.
 Lastly... Mike had his wet down to celebrate his promotion. Everyone met at Rumfire in Waikiki and had a amazing time.


  1. Mmmm, I miss donkey balls so much. And Hawaii, of course.

  2. WHERE IS THAT PLACE?!?! I need to go see some more turtles!