Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lana'i, Hawaii

  I took a little one day trip to the tiny island of Lana'i.
All of these pictures are of the landscape as we drove.
 We stopped at some really cool places but I am going to make a separate post for those.
Diamond  Head
Lana'i is A Lot different...can you tell?
 One room airport
In the distance,  Molikai is straight ahead...Maui on the right
 I know you can barley see it but this is the only town there is on the island.
Everyone lives here.
1 gas station (1 gallon = $5.85)
0 stop lights
Most of the streets are just numbers. ) one, two, three...ect.
Trees are stained red
 Stay tuned for the things that we actually did.
Very cool!!!


  1. That looks relaxing. I wanna go there!

  2. Can't wait for the follow up post. Looks like a fun day trip!

  3. What an awesome idea! Did you go through a package with the ITT office or did you just hop on a flight one day?