Monday, May 20, 2013

Makapu'u Tom Tom Hike

Sorry for overwhelming you with pictures, but I just couldn't narrow it down.  
That's how cool this hike is.
I really wanted to do this hike after I had saw that rams live on the ridge. Yes...wild rams!
Amazing views of the Windward side! 
I guess interesting people go on this hike also.

Hang gliders galore

 Sea Life Park
Ka'au Crater
The highest point on this crater is Koko Head.
And....proof that there are goats up here.
We passed by another hiker and asked if he had saw any. He said that last month they actually cut down on their population.
Our final destination.
Puka, is known as "hole" in Hawaiian.
You can actually see this hole from the road if you know where to look.

 This hike is about 5 miles long, all across the ridge line. Loose gravel and steep cliffs is the terrain of pretty much the whole hike, so when rain clouds started in, we knew it was time to go. 
We could have went on to see 2 launch pads for the hang gliders and possible some goats but as we made our way down, the rain started. Let me just say it is way easier to go up then come down. The gravel just did not make it a fun in some places sliding on our butts and praying that we did not make a wrong move. 
Leaving you with one of the "riches" places to live on the island.
Hawaii Kai 
Driving home with my windshield wipers on full blast we thanked god that we turned around when we did.


  1. Just wow!! I want to come visit haha.

  2. Those pictures are absolutely amazing. I've gotta get my butt in shape! I so want to do this one.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks girly!!! The weather (when we started) just made the water that more beautiful.