Thursday, September 26, 2013

I have done it all wrong, but I dont care

   Yes, I change my bed sheets everyother day!
and comforter! 
    Yes, I should buy stock in laundry detergent! 
Yes, This is looked down upon by trainers.
Yes, I haven't had night where I didn't wake up at least one time in over 6 years to readjust.
(except when I had too much to drink) 
 Yes, I constantly make comments that we need to purchase a King size.

But days when I wake up to this:
are days that I think it is all worth it. 
I would have it NO other way!
(perfectly placed toy monkey?!?)


  1. I do the same thing so don't feel bad. :) Love clean sheets.

  2. Aww so precious. Sleeping dogs are the cutest dogs. Couldn't picture going to bed every night without them there. =]

  3. He won't be doing that once ur baby comes!!! 😝