Thursday, September 19, 2013


 I cant wait till Mike can take these pictures for me instead of lookin awkward in a mirror.

 So I'm 15 weeks, almost 16 and still feel great. In my second trimester now and time just keeps on flying by. I had another Dr.s appointment yesterday for just a quick checkup. I probably wasn't even in the room for 5 min. She listened to baby's heartbeat and said it was very strong. She said I should probably start feeling movement soon because she is jumping all around in there. I'm not really sure what the movement is going to feel like even though it has been explained to me many times what I should be looking for. Gas bubbles or butterfly's.....hopefully I will know it when I feel it. I have gained 7lbs already. Yes...7. I'm cringing at that number already.  I'm blaming it on never being sick. (It all went to my butt...the exact place I didn't need it)
I have my big Dr.s appointment coming up soon. Mike is finally going to be home for that one...hopefully! He hasn't experience a Dr.s appointment yet and seeing her on the screen moving around is different then me sending him a picture of a ultrasound picture.
In other life,
 Bolo has been having a few issues. He is still having problems with his prostate and on top of that he has had a second seizure. The first was about 3 years ago, but I don't remember it being as bad as this last one. Scared the crap out of me!
 I'm a little disappointing that I am not able to make it home for my sisters wedding in a couple days.  She traveled a few states over to be there for my wedding and I feel like I should be there for her. 
Megan...if your reading this, I'm sorry. :(
I treated myself to a relaxing facial the other day. It has been about 2 years sense my last one and forgot how good the after feeling is. During is a different story. Getting all the goo out never feels good. I swear I thought she was using a jackhammer as a tool. I told Mike he's going to come with me next time and get his very first massage. 
I have started thinking about one last trip as a couple with no children. Island hopping is great but the tricky part is which one to actually choose. I'm still hoping to make it to all of them before we leave, but I'm trying to get to one that is most difficult to do with a child before its to late. 
I guess we will see which one I come up with.


  1. You still look so tiny! I'd love to hear if you had any planning involved for your pregnancy - it's the topic I chose for next week's Military Monday!
    My pup is 6 & had one seizure last fall & one earlier this summer. Horrific experience to say the least. Hope your fur baby is feeling better soon!

  2. You look great but I think I'm a bit jealous. You're 15 weeks pregnant and I'm heavier than you... lol :). You're rocking the pregnant look!

  3. Definitely take a baby moon!!! You won't regret it!

  4. You look great. I think you will no the feeling when it happens. It is pretty distinct. I'm sorry to hear you will not make your sister's wedding. Will you be able to skype or facetime? It's not the same but a close second!

  5. I just signed on after sooo long!!!! Saw this post of urs!!!! Congrats on the pregnancy!! Yeah! How exciting!