Saturday, September 7, 2013

Snorkeling and a Sunset

   It was raining on my side of the island so we decided to head west today. Quick stop at one of our favorite snorkeling spots, 
Visibility was so-so and we really didn't see anything too interesting.
After that, we headed the most western point on Oahu to cook some dinner and catch the sunset.
lava rock galore

Yep...another awesome day!


  1. Wow just amazing, I want to go snorkeling now!

  2. I just recently started snorkeling with my Husband. We see some cool things herein CA, but I bet you see even more amazing things there!

  3. Looks amazing! We will be transferring to Hawaii in May so you will have to fill me in on all the fun things to do! Y'all are always on some kind of adventure :)