Tuesday, November 12, 2013

23 Weeks

Our baby girl is in her 6th month of development.
 I took this picture before work because I wanted to not look like a scrub in every. single. picture of me showing the bump. But then I realized it wasn't a very good outfit to display it.
So after work I got all scrubbed out and made Mike take this one.
She has been really active as of lately. Mike has now been able to feel her moving around when he touches my belly.
I went to the Dr. last week to hear her heart beat again, still nice and strong. She has been measuring right on track, even tho I still feel very small compared to other pregnant women at my stage.
Can anyone say Babymoon? Its in the works! 
My next Dr. appointment is at the end of the month. I'm having my Glucose test so hopefully that will be normal also.
Other then all that, it been pretty rainy on the island so there hasn't been too much fun stuff going on with me. Military Ball season is in full force so I have been spending a lot of extra time at work.


  1. You look amazing! :) Time is flying by.

  2. The most adorable baby bump ever!!!