Sunday, November 17, 2013

Waimano Trail

I was in the mood for a easy hike that wasn't too exciting...Waimano Hike was perfect.
There in a upper trail and a lower.
The upper one is about 5 miles and takes you to the Koolau Summit.
The lower takes you along a stream...and....that's pretty much it.
We took the upper trail at first.
The only really interesting part of this whole hike (that we saw) were the tunnels.

There were quite a few of them. Your able to walk all the way through each one.
But don't let me fool you by standing in front of them....I did not walk through. 
One word: Spiderwebs!

 About 3 miles in, we decided to turn around and head home. 
We took the lower trail on the way back. with all the mosquito's.
 With all the rain we have been having, I was surprised the water wasn't flowing.
Nice hike for just a little exercise.
This would be a good one (if I ever come back here) that Bolo would be able to join.

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