Sunday, November 3, 2013

Marine Corps Ball

The Marine Corps is celebrating their 238th birthday on the 10th of November, but we had our ball this past Saturday.
This is the first year I didn't order my dress online, so I thought for sure I was going to have a twin.
 Luckily I was wrong.
The photographer took about 4 different poses for us, so I'm hoping there will be more online so I could get the other ones I like too. 
The guest speaker was a Infantry Colonel that had some great story's to tell.
Dinner was definitely up to par this year. The other years that we have attended, the Marine and his guest usually have one chicken plate and one steak plate. The loving wife that I am, Mike always got the steak.
This year they served each person the same meal...chicken AND steak!
I was happy!  (pregnancy talking)
Another great year!


  1. You look absolutely stunning! :)

  2. We had our ball on Saturday too, it was my first one and I had a lot of fun. I loves hearing the speeches! Your photo turned out so good! I didn't like mine so I don't think I will be sharing it on my blog. haha. I looked so bad! We also had chicken and steak served to us! My husband said it was the nicest meal he had ever seen at a ball. =]

  3. You look beautiful. Your dress looks very pretty!