Saturday, June 28, 2014

4 Months

Yesterday, Emma turned 4 months old.
She has grown so much in just those 4 months its amazing. 

She really has the laughing down. I just cant get enough of it.
Also, she has found her feet. Starting to grab and hold them. 
All of the things I have named previously she is still loving...but the list is getting longer. 
Power Tools, Playing Airplane, Daddy's Voice, Watching Everything and Everybody

Her doctors appointment is coming up. Of course more shots, but also hopefully we will be able to start rice formula. We are up 2-4 times a night because she is hungry so I'm hoping that the doctor will say she is ready and she will be able to sleep longer.

I leave you with a cute baby and a my squeaky voice.


  1. Im sure time seems like its flying by to you, she's getting so big!!!

  2. Omg...I LOVE baby squeals!!!! They're the best! She is so freaking adorable! I miss having a baby girl around the house!

  3. Happy 4 months!!!! :) She is too cute.