Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Weekend

Well its now Tuesday..so I'm a little late

Mikes company had a dinning out.
 Nice dinner but we didn't stay to long. I had to get back home to my baby.
(looking at the one and only picture we took, my dress sure isn't very flattering :( )

 Emma had some fun in the sun at her very first pool.

We took the pup to the beach for some fun in the sun also.
Emma enjoying her new Aloha quilt
All smiles all the time
All she cares about is sitting with daddy...even if he is watching ESPN


  1. My 2 cents... I thought your dress was very flattering! You look great after having Emma!!

    And I LOVE Emma's sunglasses!!

  2. I think you looked amazing in that dress! :)

  3. You're absolutely beautiful in your dress. Emma is more cute each time I see her.

  4. Your dress looked great!
    And I love E's little swimsuit!