Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beachin It

A good relaxing beach day was needed.
 I didn't enhance this photo at all. 
That's really how beautiful... amazing... gorgeous... spectacular...perfect this water is!
 Hawaii's "snowman" "sandman"
 I think she enjoys it just as much

The list has been made and submitted. Now its just a waiting game to find out where we will be moving next.


  1. I hope you find out soon!!! :)

  2. Hopefully you don't have to wait too long! We're about a year away until we're off to who knows where, but we've already been talking about where we wanna go next and what job he wants.

    1. The waiting game is always the hardest! Hopefully you guys get somewhere good!!!!

  3. I've been outta the "blogosphere" for a while since we've been moving, so I haven't kept up with blogs! I saw this post, and could not believe how big your sweet baby girl has gotten!! I hope y'all get a cool duty station!!!