Saturday, October 18, 2014

Taking it all in - photo dump

All I keep thinking about is that our time here is dwindling down.
 I take a zillion pictures for Emma to look back and think how lucky she was to have started her life here.

We just had our last summer here.
 Bolo needs to fly in winter months so Emma, Bolo and myself will be leaving this beautiful island a little early.
As of now I cant picture myself anywhere else but here.
This place has really changed my life.

I wish Emma was able to grow up here being a carefree, relaxed and calm child. I see all the kids riding their skateboards with a boogie board in hand going as fast as they can to jump into the water as quickly as possible.

We are going to just continue to live it up here.  A crazy amount of pictures, a crazy amount of activity's, a crazy amount of memories to be made.


  1. I know you will make the most of your time left there!

  2. Enjoy every moment girl!!!!! There's nothing else like living Aloha!!! Little Emmas one lucky girl!!!

  3. Love it! So why does Bolo need to fly during winter?