Sunday, October 26, 2014

North Shore

The swells are getting pretty large in my neck of the woods. 
That means winter is a coming.
I took Emma to see the monsters a little while ago. 
Haleiwa Ali'i Beach was busy...but not on shore.
We checked out a new park while we were on that side of the island. 
Kaiaka Bay park was deserted. 
Emma and I were the only ones besides one other couple to be seen.
Beautiful scenery with a view of the Waialua Sugar Mill
View of Kaena Point
Iv seen pictures of this rock before talking about the sacredness of it. Now I have tried my hardest to find something on it but everything seems to have disappeared.
I had been wanting to take Emma to see a honu for some time now. Finally she has seen her first one.
Now we just need to get a better picture...and that means a better beach that doesn't have a million people, ropes and signs ruining the picture.
Overlooking the  famous Waimea Bay

And that concludes our trip north. :) 



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