Saturday, March 7, 2015

Manoa Falls... for the hundreth time

Winter time in Hawaii is pretty miserable!  
OK... I just lied .
Sorry to everyone covered in 6ft of snow on the mainland right now. 
The only thing Hawaii brings in the "cold" months is 80 degrees and a shower here and there. 
It had been a couple rainy days so Emma and I ventured out to a beautiful waterfall.  
The best time to go waterfall chasing is after it rains...du!

I usually don't like to go hiking alone, but these falls are extremely touristy and super easy so I felt comfortable just us two.

 I have been to this hike many times before and the scenery still amazes me. 

 It started to pour just as we were leaving the falls. I think that was Emma's favorite part of the whole hike. She threw her hat off and giggled the whole way back to the car...soaking wet.


  1. I think I could hike there 100 times! Um, when can I come visit? lol

  2. Wow so gorgeous! I love the waterfall.

  3. I've gotta do this one! I've been wanting to see an amazing waterfall like this one!

    1. Yes you have to! Super easy! Be prepared for mud tho.