Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Gym Time

I am surprised I can even get a somewhat decent photo of this girl with her moving so fast all the time.
Circle time in the beginning of class is still a little difficult. All of the babies sit in a circle and warm up their body parts (parents do it for them) by doing certain stretches like "the bicycle".  There are way more fun things to touch and play with during this time so Emma finds it hard to sit still. 

 We started these classes when Emma just turned 6 months. She could hardly sit up on her own and playing with whatever I brought her to slobber on. 
It amazes me how quickly the grow up.

My gym has been the best purchase ever!
Until Emma is a little older and can start skating...swimming...violin....(the list is going to be long) this is such a perfect place for her to start. 
I hope when we move there will be a gym close to us so she can continue her fun.


  1. Oh wow she sure is a mover and a shaker! :) Too cute!

  2. So awesome she has this. I wish we had something like this around here. I googled, I can't find anything.

  3. What a little daredevil on that slide!