Monday, January 25, 2016

Chief Logan State Park

Mike had to go out of town for a little while, so I decided to take the kids on a little road trip to one of the state parks in West Virginia. When we go to these parks, we usually leave the mid morning so Emma can nap on the way. I packed a lunch for us and we were off around 10:30 am.  
We usually check out every playground the park has to offer...walk a trail or two...check everything else out, then go home. 
Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this park has a HUGE light display during Christmas. The whole park road is lined with the festivities. 

I decided that we had to stay till dark. 
We had driven almost 2 hours to get there, so it was only right to experience it. 
So...that was like 6 hours I had to kill in a park that was in the middle of knowwhere! 
These deer were amazing! 
People definitely feed them because they come right up to you! 
I have a couple pictures of them poking their head in my car. 
They were everywhere! 
Retired Coal Train 
There was a pretty lake that we spent a good while at. We watched the sun set here also. 
Pioneer Home Stead 
Bolo wanted in
We walked a trail 

This is a terrible picture of the lights...but my internet is sucks and I cant upload another better photo at the moment so this one will just have to do. 
It doesn't even come close to the lights that were displayed. 
 Overall it was a beautiful park that I would love to come back to. The only downside to this visit was that we were there for far to long...and Emma fell asleep during the drive to see the lights. She had to be in her car seat because I was alone,,,and driving, so she didn't get to see any. I wish I would have thought about that before I decided to stay the whole 6 hours. 

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